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2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg Wins Applause for Making 'Pack the Courts' Argument


You’re right about they could do worse. I can see why you won’t vote for’em. The fact that so many Dems have to calculate where on the map they want to put what they say re geopolitical matters is disgusting…if they could only hear how they sound to us. And then…re the net…if it weren’t for Patrick Cockburn, Consortium News, Moon of Alabama, Al Jezeera, and sometimes prof Cole, what would even we know? Just rediscovered Center for Defense Info using their old name here https://www.pogo.org/projects/center-for-defense-information/

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In saying Buttigieg was “probably right about Iran”…I meant in some situations Buttigieg’s saying Bolton’s way over itchy re Iran. So far, that makes up a little for taking offense when Omar says Israel is just like Iran. I’ve heard this guy, and I know he’s capable of clearing things up…so why talk like you’ve ended up dizzy on this here ball of confusion??