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2020 Is Not 1968, But It Could Be

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/14/2020-not-1968-it-could-be

And we all remember how 1968 played out as well. The Democratic Party imploded When pro war conservatives kicked the counter culture movement out of Chicago, alienating the youth vote, and handed the election to the worst candidate in American history, up to that time, Richard Nixon.
1968 indeed.

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No kidding, I could pay for a full tank of gas for $2.50 (small car), pay my own college fees by working too. And, still have time to stick it the man. For political assassination, I wept.

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Not possible. The left today is full of apologists and cowards. they are not interested in pushing for change anymore. I am constantly attacked by dnc dims on other sites who harangue me for not voting for olJoe. I am ashamed of them all and remind them how they have become limp agents of their own lousy lives allowing corporations to keep them broke and stupid. And they STILL applaud olJoe and look forward to everything magically reverting to pre-impeached45pos. do they really believe that the new tax structure is not benefiting neolibs? OlJo has made it clear that there will be no mc4all, no defunding of murderous cops, that SS will have to be ‘looked at’ and i would imagine not much else that he will take back that does not benefit the 1%. Makes me hurl.


Despite the media calling “DNC dims the left”, they are most accurately described as neo-centrists.

Considering that Nixon who was considered a right leaning centrist was to the left of Obama, the NEO prefix is essential.

Corporate control of gubmit has made it difficult to organize leftist actions as Occupy Wall Street (OWS) found out in 2011 when Obama’s justice department made everything OWS did illegal so they could not re-emerge in the Spring of 2012.

Having been engaged in progressive fight from standing with Mario Savio at Sproul Hall in 1964 to the 1999 battle of Seattle, the biggest difference between 1968 and today is the number of fascist cult members who possess personal military grade arsenals bigger than the arsenals of most police departments and are under the control of the most successful propaganda machine the world has ever seen.


for the record, 1968 failed. so let’s hopefully set our sights a bit higher than a handful of student uprisings that ultimately went nowhere.

thanks in advance,
a peasant.


2020 is not 1968, but it could be.

Spoken like a couple of “white” guys. There was a woman named Angela they nearly executed for her dissent in those days. Today she says she never expected to live long enough to see this day.

This time it’s real, because there is no bogus “leadership” to steer it away from structural justice. When the lowly are of one mind, we have no need for leaders.

Chairman Fred was a once-in-a-generation unifying leader, back in the day – which is why he had to be assassinated by the FBI and Chicago Police. In 2020 there are thousands of chairperson freds. The man is so much more afraid of us today than in 1968: Orangeman cowers and even apologizes (implictly, in opting to retreat from his Juneteenth provocation) for the first time in memory.


Angela is one the most interesting women in our history.



Humanity keeps revisiting the same issues as we spiral through time. We’ve got one hell of a shadow to confront.

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“ If we are to reach another new frontier “ ??
If there was a shift in the collective consciousness (a new frontier) in1968 but the same thing is repeated in 2020 , how can the present situation being basically the same ,be considered a NEW Frontier ?
Well, it isn’t .
The new frontier of 1968 gave the appearance of a shift but the reality was that underlying racism, militarism , capitalistic greed , ignorance of our dependence on the natural world for our survival , has continued to this day and has only gotten worse .
A new frontier ? i think not . A new expression of outrage ? Yes , but a shift into a new permanent level of compassion for each other and the planet ? No!

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Yeah, but a lot of the music was arguably better in the old days (maybe if you don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics?)…

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Packing up to move I came across one of my union’s news-magazines. Gigantic headline:





it was the Fall 2004 edition