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2020 Vision: Four Steps to Get There


2020 Vision: Four Steps to Get There

Paul Buchheit

Bernie Sanders started losing the election over 200 years ago, when Alexander Hamilton proclaimed "The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom judge or determine right." And when James Madison argued for a republic that would make it "more difficult for all who feel it to discover their own strength, and to act in unison with each other."


Paul Buchheit pushing another organization with board ties to the Executive Committees of the Democratic National Committee, what more need be said about it?
Enough to make John Steinbeck cringe---the nerve evoking his good memory in service to another DNC bamboozle. Then again, should young readers choose to investigate Steinbeck's works they'll certainly understand why Dr Jill Stein's candidacy is such an important thing in the present, 2016. Why wait four years for the Democrats to try and figure it out when the Green Party is already there?


Actually, I find the tone of dismissal of the ideas and facts and defeatism in the above assertion interesting. Election of a Green Party president, which I fully support, would not magically make all others disappear. No matter what, it will be necessary to contend with retrogressive elements throughout the existing system. THAT, ultimately, is a reality no measure of magical thinking will change.

By the same token, take a serious look at what Paul Bucheit cites. The revolution has begun and I might add, will never end, just as we have to contend with discernment of what is mythological construct and what is real in those sectors as represented by the perspectives of Hamilton and Madison. Take a cue from the "Reagan Revolution". Note that unlike the generations of institutionalized dissociative assumptions reflected in the citations, born of a given mind set, the challenges we face include documenting and presenting the full scope of precisely HOW and WHY they are dysfunctional.


Take a close look at the board of 2020 and tell me if it isn't just one more scheme by the ususal suspects to keep the sheep from wondering outside the Democratic corral.


Bucheit should have mentioned the current Broadway musical HAMILTON being all the rage (last I heard tickets were $700-$1800). HAMILTON is a clever ploy for slapping Jefferson and the Roosevelts in the face and corralling Murkins into Hamilton and Madison's federalism !

Also be prepared to hear about No Labels, Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman's revival of Obama's Simpson/Bowles catfood commission.


It makes sense to downplay Mr. Buchheit's intelligent 4-point plan, doesn't it? NOT!

Too many have too much free time to denigrate writers. Why? Mostly to discourage readers from taking their views seriously.

So much for the "solidarity" your little group claims to promote.

I notice a lot of youth bashing and elderly bashing lately. New memes?


I'll repeat, check out the board of 2020 and then tell me if you don't think it's the usual suspects at their games.
Solidarity with what, the philanthropic billionaires club? As Tommy Lasorda famously said on Kingman's big day, Jesus Christ!


Yeah, but it's a bit like herding cats, yanno. They cannot control where people put their energy. If they offer a channel and that benefits the ol' Dems, well so be it. Personally, I'm smart enough to take whatever encouragement they offer as a sort of fuel and let that fuel push me further into the Greens. Or the People's Party (if it ever becomes an actual thing; at this point it's just a conceptual collective made up chiefly of Bernie supporters -- but I'm hopeful!).


I must vehemently disagree with Buchheit's "Our future is paved with solar roads... miles of sun-beaten asphalt powering electric cars... providing "smart" technology, including built-in guidance systems for driverless cars."

First off, the so-called "self-driving" autonomous car technology is a ruse and a fraud. The last thing lemming motorists need is another excuse to continue driving ad nauseum and further support today's corporate state. So too, the installation of (not inexpensive) photovoltiac solar arrays is most ideal on rooftops or near where the electricity they generate is directed into electric vehicle battery packs. Every household with such backup power systems gain the means to survive grid failure, the means to more closely monitor and reduce energy consumption for both household and driving. Corporate utitilies oppose rooftop solar even though it has the potential to save lives and build resiliency into regional utility grids.

Mr Buchheit, YOU ARE WRONG on this. What corporate schmuck paid
or otherwise misled you to tow the corporate line?


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


The truly poor have been shut out for years. Even liberals simply disappeared them since the 1990s, trying to maintain the illusion that everyone is able to work, and there are jobs for all. Our own history shows why it's impossible to save/rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor, and that's not going to happen. It's not possible to have a legitimate discussion about the overall economy/nation that excludes truthfully addressing our poverty crisis.


They're going after older people now, too? Oh crap.


Yikes! Steinbeck didn't stand in solidarity with the middle class.


" first public solar powered sidewalk along Route 66."

The consequence of such technology;1) USAians will get even more obese; 2) it will allow Californians to walk to Oklahoma, where I am sure they will be welcomed, when California finally dries out.


As someone born in the welfare state that was supposed to care for people from cradle to coffin which is now being dismantled abl assisted by the political party which is credited with actually creating it, i have been reading these "visions" of a future "progressive" capitalism can provide all my life.

Early memories of robots doing all the dirty, dangerous, drudgery jobs and how automation would lead to the 5-day weekend and leisure and education and culture for all. Little did we know, that capitalism's intent when introducing new technology and production processes is to re-structure the work-force and extract even more surplus vale (profits) from we, the exploited. Leisure and culture now is expressed by Pokemon Go and reality TV...oh how, civilisation has advanced!

What we need is not some sort of humane capitalism with all the rough edges smoothed out but a fundamental vision that has been here for over a century, which people have been frightened or suppressed from trying - Socialism, a word meaning a society built upon and for the human family.

Perhaps we can have more than well-intentioned but, in the end, merely verbose platitudes for something the present economic system cannot offer - even if its ruling classes wished to. Apologies for my cynicism...but heard it all before and as always this article's analyses lacks the real changes that will make a real difference.