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2020 Voters' Calendar—The General Election Starts in August

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/17/2020-voters-calendar-general-election-starts-august

A very good election logistics manual.


The only answer to the rigged election coming up is to refuse to be a party to it. Refuse to vote for either corrupt, senile sexual predator for POTUS that has been foisted on the American people by the corporately-owned system. Out of nearly 330 million Americans, we end up with these two clowns as our best two choices for the highest office in the land? No, this is not acceptable and the only way it changes is if progressives can wrest control of the Democratic Party from those in control. And for us to do that, the establishment MUST LOSE this election and every other one until they lose their grip and control. Therefore, remain stoically #NeverBiden.

People’s Party led by Jesse Ventura. First order of business, cut MIC spending by 90%. End all wars, close all bases outside of U.S., bring all mercenaries home.

Excellent! I’ve been waiting and watching for this. Thank you. Please share widely.

Ways to share effectively: write letters to editor with this information to all newspapers in your city/community. Print bullet points of this information and distribute where folks gather (socially distanced) and proprietors allow. Do the same for churches that are socially engaged and where ministers allow. Just don’t distribute illegally and incur the wrath of the Law. Let’s work together.

Also, check out your local party headquarters and see what they are doing to ensure voter education and support and join in.

Excellent piece. Remember to vote. Even if you absolutely cannot stand Biden, still come in to vote and help bolster your preferred third party - and down ballot democrats.

Cook political just updated their electoral college scorecard. While one can never truly count Trump out (think 2016), he is described as a “severe underdog” whose trajectory is downward vs. Biden. Everyone of course is on guard, but it looks like the old man Biden could very well pull this off and end the Trump era for good.