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2020's Lesson Is Clear: Bold Policies to Improve People's Lives Are Broadly Popular

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/12/2020s-lesson-clear-bold-policies-improve-peoples-lives-are-broadly-popular


Who on this site can disagree?

So perhaps you can also explain why you sandbagged Bernie during the primaries??


Always a big sloppy genuine kiss to Liz. (Don’t tell Hubby.)

Tell it to the oligarchy running the country. Something tells me they will be something less than a sympathetic listener.


Sanders or Warren it is so sad how people choose to live in bondage.

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Preaching to the choir much? Tell Biden, The Economist is already reporting the Dem insiders are circling the wagons to blame progressives for losing seats in the house and not taking the Senate. Pathetic indeed if you can’t take the Senate and House from Trump and his kind-when? But Biden will have a moment to show he is the next FDR but don’t count on it. harris is already saying she was elected to show little black girls they could become president. How about the 50% of the country that is moving into abject poverty? Can they become president? Identity politics rules now. Wait two years.


It will be intersting to see how they fight for Georgia—They should do it together and come around some basic issues like $15 and healthcare-----so do they really want this win???


Ever since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP has serially disregarded ethics, regulations and the rule of law itself, confirming that the “strongest ethics and anti-corruption standards” plus three bucks will buy a cup of coffee.

Unless Liz adds a bullet to launch Nuremberg style trials on January 21 to bring Trump, appointees, and other enablers (hundreds of criminals) to justice and Biden follows through, we will never get close to addressing any of Liz’s bullet points, Trump and the GOP will continue to gain strength, weakening the Democrats to the extent that they will be blamed by a majority of voters for all the GOP travesties.


Your point?

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Why Liz?

You could have been a contender…


One of the most important items which should be on that list: Single-Payer Healthcare.


One of the things that told me who Obama was was the death of Teddy. Instead of using his passing to rally the country for Kennedy Kare, free health care for all, the Corporate Dems ran a certain loser in Mass so they would no longer have 60 votes which gave Obama a perpetual excuse of progressive legislation. More of the same. Republican Senator Oh Lordy what can we do? We want to help but…


Hi Elizabeth “Capitalist to my Bones” Warren.

How about policies and structural change that favor economic equity and environmental sustainability such as eco-socialism, solidarity economics, etc.




yeah, has she gotten her payout yet for that? Seems like everyone else involved is collecting. What’s Liz’s prize? Her sabotage was the most critical of all.

I think 2020’s lesson was quite different. I think the lesson was, “you can really terrify these idiots into submission pretty easily! Let’s take it up to 11!”

The big winner in 2020 to me is fear.


The ACA had passed the Senate and went to the house----Kennedy had died and in the election the voters of Mass picked Scott??? So the House had no choice but to pass the ACA without revisions.
Kennedy had a chance to do healthcare with Nixon and with Carter but decided to go his own way. Though being from Mass I got a lot of flack supporting Teddy in a Rep household.

In the local news they just passed the seat belt law----reporters are interviewing Ted in Hyannis----he is sitting in the drivers seat of a car and about to take off without buckling up----they all asked him if he was going to put on his seat belt-----he fumbled and put it on—you could tell he had a few—but who could blame him-----all his brothers killed

No she stepped aside in 2016-----and knew that 2020 would be the only moment for her to put her lifes work into policy-----Bernie never even brought up the wealth tax until she did??? And Bernie is going to run as a socialist when he is a moderate Democrat???

Bernie won NH and Nev-----Warren was not a threat to Bernie at this point ----she wants to run in 2024 and wantsto keep building a base-this all came to an end with the virus.

as the total election showed–only the nation’s desire to be rid of Trump made Biden’s win possible–he had NO coat tails–in fact the nothing campaign the centrists ran on produced losses in the House and did not result in flipping the Senate–what I would call a LOSING effort in the totality of things–this against a party that has spent months denying help to the American people with a crazy wild man as their leader-

it is almost as if the American people do NOT trust the Democrats–the Democrats certainly DID NOT give the people something to vote for(and the people responded by not voting for them down ballot)–they only promised more pain and suffering in the pandemic’s wake (no M4A-no Green New Deal-no living wage(only the pathetic $15/hr that WILL NOT meet the needs of our workers being about $5-$8/hr short of the task)-no end to our endless wars-no transition to a more equitable economy-no raising taxes on the super wealthy-no student debt relief–nothing -nothing -nothing) that is the current Democratic model–the one that could NOT unseat the fascists from power–

I am not surprised by the election results and as the Democratic responses to the election show–the Democrats can’t seem to get the message even when it slaps them in the face as they double down on their obviously losing strategies–now making sure that even the slim chance of an even Senate in the Georgia race is a non starter as they tack further to the right in the face of overwhelming support for progressive ideas shown in every poll for years–


I don’t know what you are talking about. I have heard no serious analyst refer to Sanders as moderate Democrat when discussing most of the issues that matter to a democratic socialist. He was a moderate on a few issues (this was discussed on Hill TV Rising today): guns, immigration, and choice (apparently he endorsed a candidate in the past who happened to be pro-life, not that Bernie is, but he thinks (or thought) that should necessarily be a deal breaker). This was Bernie 2016. Bernie 2020 couldn’t even be called a moderate on those issues (I wish he had stayed true to himself personally - he was right about illegal immigration causing wage pressure and he was right about some proposed gun legislation being completely loopy - and I say that as a non gun owner). Oh well, old Bernie is gone, and I doubt we’ll see another person like that anytime soon - now everyone in his position must meet all the purity tests (or be like Warren who in my opinion is a sellout and a liar and can get more centrists to back here even while some loudly protest).


Hey Liz, you showed us who you really are. No one listens to you any more. Congrats on that Biden cabinet position you’re never gonna get.