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21 Kids and a Climate Scientist Are Suing to Force Obama to Fight Climate Change


21 Kids and a Climate Scientist Are Suing to Force Obama to Fight Climate Change

John Light

When the young people working with Our Children’s Trust talk about their lawsuits to compel governments to act on climate change, they like to use a quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”


Go Youth!


Whether the lawsuit succeeds or not is less important than the fact of its happening. That will be important in direct proportion to the amount of media attention it receives, and that depends on the amount of agitation those who care about things environmental put forth to keep the story alive and getting paid attention to. Right now all these wars and about to be wars have driven environmental issues "off the table," have driven climate change to the status of an unimportant minor story.

It is of course true that the Euro-US Powers That Be aren't going to want this story to be covered at all and will move to suppress it. But people have more power to affect the media than they do any other part of the gang of corporate entities whose deep pockets keep everyone in deep doo doo.

Big Media are the weak links in the Powers That Be because the only thing they have to sell is access to consumer attention. They have no inventory to unload before making new stuff. Attacked in sufficient numbers, they will pretend to cave, will stage small stories to con the viewership into believing that they really are trying to to live up to what they say. Communicating agitators would have to stay on them, of course. People who try to stay informed know all too well that if were up to the media mob bosses, cigarette commercials would be back and plentiful. Alcohol advertiding us sneaking back in. When I was was young and callow, mention of vaginas in prime time would have been unthinkable. Now they're a whole advertising genre.

What I long to see would be major assault on the Big Media companies: emails, voicemails, their "we want to hear what you think" talkback things they have going, which are there to give the appearance of caring -- What I dream of seeing happen is a widespread a counter propaganda barrage done by leftists, liberals, and progressives to go after them creatively through social media with videos, cartoons, those shareable postcard pictures that people "share" on Facebook,Twitter tweets, free lance investigative anything to get climate change back on the news table, to get the media managers to believe this story is something the viewing reading public wants to hear about and will turn away from them if it is ignored, depriving them of the high ratings they use to set the price on the attention they can sell.

If a few people do it, nothing will change. But if hundreds of thousands of millions if people were to do it . . . the point isn't to convince the public, it's to scare the executives.


One would think that the self-proclaimed Climate Change Leader of All Nations (TM) (the current occupant of the White House) would be the first one to sign on to the Children's lawsuit, instead of being the primary one to tell them to pound sand.

In the long view of history, what a tragic, conflicted climate change legacy will be left by Obama, the man who knows what it would take to do right by the climate and the children, but who can only rarely bring himself to actually do the things that are right. One step forward (KXL), three steps back (East Coast drilling, LNG terminals, TPP). As a leader, he fails; as a follower, he fails. "Hey you damn kids, praise me for my environmental leadership, but don't you dare screw up my post-presidency gravy train by having me support your precious little rights to a liveable future. Get real - there are corporate speaking engagements and board seats at stake!"