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216 GOP House Members Just Voted to Destroy the Safety Net and Deliver a Trillion Dollar Tax Cut to the Rich

216 GOP House Members Just Voted to Destroy the Safety Net and Deliver a Trillion Dollar Tax Cut to the Rich

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The representatives who just chose the bank accounts of their donors over the health and wellbeing of their constituents should be ashamed."

I’m sure someone has already said this … . but remember when Dem Party
was the majority and they could get nothing done?

Every time the GOP pulls off a crime like this individual Democrat Party members of
Congress also profit personally.


“The American people don’t want a $1.5 trillion cut to Medicare and Medicaid and they don’t want a huge tax cut for the rich, but wealthy donors do.”

It looks like its either a peaceful transition to direct democracy or a bloody revolution.

“People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage” John Kenneth Galbraith


“…should be ashamed”?

No, they shouldn’t. To feel shame, one must be able to experience empathy. These people are psychopaths; therefore–by definition–they lack the ability. As with anyone else, we shouldn’t expect them to be anything other than what they are.

The real question is, why do we not see them as such and keep voting them in, time after time after time…?


Direction of Country Economist/YouGov Right Direction 31, Wrong Track 60 Wrong Track +29
Direction of Country Reuters/Ipsos Right Direction 24, Wrong Track 64 Wrong Track +40
Congressional Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 8, Disapprove 69 Disapprove +61
Congressional Job Approval Reuters/Ipsos Approve 17, Disapprove 71 Disapprove +54


Summary, the majority of Americans in these polls think the federal government is on the wrong track and the congressional job disapproval rating for congress is very high.


Because 99.44% of the media is owned lock, stock & barrel by the Fat Cats and their Multi-NaZional Korpor­ations, so the only “news” that 99.44% of the people hear, read or see is propaganda extolling the virtues of said Fat Cats and their minions in “our” government.


You write as if this country being “torn apart and fed to the billionaire vultures” is something that could happen in the future. If the citizens don’t wake up? The reality is that not only are “the citizens” not awake, with the profusion of media mind control foisted on them, they are further every day from being able to do so.

We are already there, my friend. Even as we pretend that we can somehow ward it off. It’s human nature to continue to have hope but it doesn’t do anyone any good to pretend that the situation is not what it actually is.


the article headline could have been:

216 GOP House Members Just Voted to Escalate the Class War.

why mince words.


Is the Constitution just a worthless document? Of the people: by the people; and for the people. Only the most naive still believe that! More like: OF THE RICH PEOPLE; BY THE RICH PEOPLE; AND FOR THE RICH PEOPLE!


It’s not a party; it’s a plague.


re: “Elections don’t matter anymore.”

That’s sadly true, but, as you alluded to, only to the extent that we continue to validate the duopoly. Voting Green, independent or write-in, exclusively and in undeniable numbers, can be seen as an integral part of the “massive general strikes and boycotts” we hope for.

We must all find ways to withdraw our consent to be governed this way.


This is still Individual People, voting their Individual Choice.

The road to Perdition. May They Rot.

What didn’t have the Money for your Tiki Torches?


NO Democrats voted for this bill.

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Oh whoopee, don’t vote or vote for guaranteed losers.

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I wrote the following to a similar article the other day, but perhaps it belongs here, too.

"When I look at what is happening in the once United States of America, now the Fourth Reich, I think there should be some honesty in advertising from the current regime.
*I’ve noticed that many of the peace and anti-war groups have the US flag with a peace symbol in the blue field. It shows their intent, their mission.
*I think the Reich should modify the flag as well. I propose exchanging the blue field for a red one, with a white circle in the middle with a black swastika in it. That will show the world, and this nation and its people, its intent and its mission. The government and their billion and trillionaire masters are working hard, every day, to remove money, and our civil rights, and inflict poverty, homelessness and ill health to anyone who is not in their gilded group.
So I say to the government, be proud and fly that flag so all will know what they are dealing with.
(Someday, perhaps We the People will be able to change it back.)"

*It gets discouraging. Every morning I log on and they’ve done something even worse than yesterday. I don’t know if we are past the point of no return or not, but we’re getting pretty damn close.


You go ahead, Joe, and vote LOTE. That’ll somehow change things.

In the meantime, I’ll watch as more and more people look for ways to transcend the duopoly.

You know, like this:


political representation has been corrupted by economic power and we need to find ways of mitigating that economic power before it become a law unto itself rather than a law subject to wider democratic will and representation.


…the old saw, see you in court may work but I doubt it, this is my death sentence once it goes back to the senate and on to be signed and this is just the budget, it isn’t even tax reform yet…they are gutting America to read the entrails of a dead beast…they have no shame, they have no brain, repeat and rinse…


Are we winning yet? Victory seems like getting an in advance death certificate, through the mail, from the Value Voter Dept.of Health & Human Services.
Who would Jesus murder first? Do the poor starving children in Yemen mind a steady diet of Soylent Green? How about the people in Haiti swapping out mud cakes for cattle and hog feed from ConAgra or Cargill? Maybe the poor Midwest farmers are donating their victory bucks on the ending of estate taxes, to the Trump & Mercer Charitable Trust for Billionaire Grifters. It’s possible, isn’t it?
Are we there yet? And if not, what is taking the good Christians of America so long?
Has Goldman Sachs gotten their whole pound of flesh, yet? Will they want a second helping?
When the other shoe drops will it be Gen. Kelly’s combat boot?


They were only in for two years, and always has problems with members defecting to the right. In the senate, they never had the necessary 60 seats to safely pass anything even if there weren’t defections. But yes, under Pelosi and Biden they also definitely tacked right, but it didn’t matter because the 2010 election overwhelmingly went Republican.