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220,000+ Sign Petition Demanding Biden 'Clean House' of Trump Social Security Appointees on Day One

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/220000-sign-petition-demanding-biden-clean-house-trump-social-security-appointees

This is one request I expect Biden will honor. I’m expect he salivates at the thought of putting much more skill saboteurs in place to accomplish what he has been fighting for the last 40 years - the death of social security.


The long and relentless assault on the nation’s absolutely crucial and extremely successful Social Security program, perhaps no better exemplified than the open, even boastful, efforts to cut benefits by Joe Biden himself, will continue as long as the American people allow it. Protecting the integrity and long term viability of that program is just one of the many reasons the Biden administration must be monitored every bit as closely as has been necessary with the Trump administration; indeed, as W.Coyote suggests, we can expect a more subtle and deceitful kind of sabotage with Biden and the unDems. Look for it.


Make that 220,001–I just signed. Comment: “An ignorant idiot playing with fire.” If Biden so much as mentions Social Security except to EXPAND it I will tell him the same, over and over.

what makes anyone think that the man who has tried to cut Social Security for decades will now protect it??



Deed already done, just needs to keep everything the same. Will self destruct as % of Mode Four workers increases and US workers decreases. Plus its unfair to not let them take their money when they leave.

Same with Medicare, just needs to expand it a tiny bit to auto-destroy it.


The rich see Social Security as no longer appropriate as there wont be jobs as we knew them much longer. They want to bring in lower wage high skill workers from Africa, India, etc, who will have an even newer (crappy) new deal for less, short term. Robots are even cheaper.

Like animals, they may even want us to abandon those who they don’t think will make it.

Its not just about any specific politician or party. Now, just as the need for workers is declining, they want to ditch Social Security and replace it with commercial products like Wall Street sells.

In a world where most US workers will be too expensive for profit strapped employers to want once they are no longer the only ones available, many will never work. They wont have the education or support they would need to ever get that first job.

Read this- This is an excerpt of the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services - This is one of the most inflexible reasons why we can only go backwards, not forwards, non conforming measures that couldn’t have been created after the creation of the WTO (Unless its a major emergency and there is no alternative thats less burdensome for corporations) Social Security, Medicare, or any other non-conforming measure, because they are too good of a deal, may have to be reduced in scope or eliminated if we do anything to them at all. What do you think?) Note: I’m not a lawyer, just a reader of these rules that now govern our services. So ask trade experts who specialize in these agreements that nullify governments and democracy. The stakes are huge and the politicians have all been really very dishonest with us so far. They care that we vote for them. Our rights, jobs and future economic health obviously matters much less to them than we think. Or they wouldn’t lie.

------Begin quote of this major US promoted add on to the services agreement the US put a lot of pressure behind in the 90s - Note: Its effective date - needed to understand when the standstill officially begun- was on 2/26/98 - Meaning any ceiling on regulation is then, and also roll back of subsequent regs is to the status quo on that date… But other dates likely apply for other rules… See Lori Wallach on Democracy Now. June 20, 2014 explaining them - Begin Quotes----

"Participants in the Uruguay Round have been enabled to take on specific commitments with respect to financial services under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) on the basis of an alternative approach to that covered by the provisions of Part III of the Agreement. It was agreed that this approach could be applied subject to the following understanding:

(i) it does not conflict with the provisions of the Agreement;

(ii) it does not prejudice the right of any Member to schedule its specific commitments in accordance with the approach under Part III of the Agreement;

(iii) resulting specific commitments shall apply on a most-favoured-nation basis;

(iv) no presumption has been created as to the degree of liberalization to which a Member is committing itself under the Agreement.

Interested Members, on the basis of negotiations, and subject to conditions and qualifications where specified, have inscribed in their schedule specific commitments conforming to the approach set out below.

A. Standstill

Any conditions, limitations and qualifications to the commitments noted below shall be limited to existing non-conforming measures.

B. Market Access

Monopoly Rights

  1. In addition to Article VIII of the Agreement, the following shall apply:

Each Member shall list in its schedule pertaining to financial services existing monopoly rights and shall endeavour to eliminate them or reduce their scope. Notwithstanding subparagraph 1(b) of the Annex on Financial Services, this paragraph applies to the activities referred to in subparagraph 1(b)(iii) of the Annex.

(end quote)

Who benefits expect insurance companies –
because Social Security is an INSURANCE PROGRAM no individual citizen could afford –
and it has been run dishonestly, stealing money from workers and their employers for 50-60
years now. Denying benefits! How could that happen without absolute corruption?

Wall Street, of course benefits. And Elites who always prefer the population is LESS well off.

Seniors need to sue government over the running of this program –

Over the use of Social Security money to run a SLUSH FUND FOR THE RICH –

Also – I believe Unemployment Benefits are part of the Social Security Act – and who had
the right to change that from FULL benefits lasting as long as you are employed to a benefit
which amounts officially to 2 years – sometimes a bit more if you’ve worked in between layoffs.

Who’s been investigating this and looking out for seniors – ???

Also, note there is another UNION under attack here –

You know how many people think this is a government run program … like Welfare …
costing taxpayers and the government money?

“On the first day of your administration, rescind the Trump administration’s rule changes that undermine Social Security, and fire all of Donald Trump’s political appointees to the Social Security Administration,” reads the [petition]~https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/sign-now-tell-the-biden-harris-administration-to-uproot-trumps-social-security-underminers) launched by advocacy group Social Security Works, which is urging Biden to “clean house” at the agency.

"We must call on the incoming Biden-Harris administration to rescind these dangerous, last-minute rule changes by the Trump administration and fire all of Donald Trump’s political appointees from the Social Security Administration."
—Social Security Works

Earlier this week, the American Federation of Government Employees Council 220 and the Association of Administrative Law Judges—unions that collectively represent tens of thousands of SSA employees—both [released surveys](~https://www.federaltimes.com/management/leadership/2020/12/09/social-security-leaders-receive-double-no-confidence-votes/) showing that their members overwhelmingly do not have confidence in the leadership of Commissioner Andrew Saul, Deputy Commissioner David Black, and other top agency officials.

In a statement Friday, Social Security Works executive director Alex Lawson said his group’s petition and the union members’ no-confidence votes make clear that "Social Security beneficiaries and SSA employees agree: Donald Trump’s political appointees are undermining our Social Security system, and Biden must remove them immediately."