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23 Arrested Protesting McAuliffe's "Stunning Lack of Political Courage" on Climate


23 Arrested Protesting McAuliffe's "Stunning Lack of Political Courage" on Climate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Twenty-three people were arrested Wednesday outside the Virginia governor's mansion, following a three-day picket that demanded Democrat Terry McAuliffe show some backbone by protecting citizens from toxic coal ash, stopping fracked-gas pipelines, and committing to renewable energy solutions.


Gov. Terry McAuliffe, another Clinton protégé and cult member.
Four years with Hillary at the helm should pretty much finish all of us off.


Seems McAuliffe needs to resign since he seems incapable of handling the task of being governor. What a wimpy failure, and there was some hope when he was elected.


Not unless we make it impossible for her to govern. Total, non cooperation after the start of the coming boycott in December.


Make it impossible for her to govern by making sure she doesn't get in in the first place.


She's already in like Flynn. The oligarchy has seen to that.


I gave a thumbs up for all 23 of you beautiful Human Beings. Seems McAuliffe of MD and Scott of FL have a mutual affinity to skullduggery. Both are deniers of science-sourced knowledge. Profits over People. Pillage over Planet. People of this moral character definitely did not migrate from Africa with the rest of us, 50,000 years ago. Somewhere, they got very lost. Probably seeded the bankster class of the Roman Empire that we're dealing with still. Work. Work. Work. Never stops. Never stops.


Terry McAuliffe was an ass as chairperson of the DNC...looks like nothing has changed. And of course he said what all of us already knew, that Hillary will support the TPP once in office. So much for real change this election cycle.


""If you continue to insist that defending Virginia from fracking, from pipeline overbuilding, from coal ash and from the disastrous consequences of these projects for our coastal communities is not your job, then you can at least carve out time for one meeting and tell us to our faces."
Oh OUCH! Nicely done....more of this PLEASE


Looking at the photo, I have to ask: "Does Gov. McAuliffe only hire double-chins in his quest to protect his state from democracy?