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233 House Republicans Just Set Course for Next Financial Collapse


Their mouths are WIDE open; now’s the tie to throw the shit!


Homicidal, or even genocidal, is more accurate. The 1%, the perps walk. Their victims, the 99%, die.


Hey all ya’ll fat phk GOPers, you deserve jail.


Feeling a bit ‘simian’ as I read this.


This article is full of complaints and predictions that it makes imminent the next financial collapse and the end of the world.

The articles I see on the other side discuss several ways that Dodd-Frank hasn’t worked. Community banks have been going out of business at a one-a-day rate for years. Loans are hard to get on main street because all those banks are tied up in Dodd-Frank regulations, or have gone out of business. The too-big-to-fail banks have gotten bigger, and nobody thinks Dodd-Frank has made their failure less likely, or less-likely to be traumatic. And the CFPB was set up intentionally to be answerable only to the advocacy group that Sen. Elizabeth Warren formerly headed. Unconstitutional. And a Federal Court has now called them on it.

Progressives here aren’t contributing to the solution of the problem. (Elsewhere I have seen them advocate for re-instating Glass-Steagall, for breaking up the big banks, for demanding that bankers get jailed, for establishing more banks like the Bank of North Dakota, and for restoring the Postal Bank that existed up to the 1960s… - No mention of whether Democrats attempted to amend this bank bill to include any of that.)

In response to a few of the other comments,

Other articles point out that under the new bill banks can choose to be regulated under Dodd-Frank, or they can raise more capital, 10%, and face looser regulations. Sponsor Jeb Hensarling wanted an even higher capital requirement. The existing community banks are currently > 10%, while the average of the TBTF banks is 7.6% The big banks oppose this House bill, because Dodd-Frank gives them advantages compared to community banks.

to regulate the rate that banks, S&Ls and Credit Unions could offer on deposits, and the rates banks could charge borrowers. Those days when the bank would reward you for opening a deposit account with a kitchen blender or such.

Those days ended in the inflation heated 1970s when others offered uninsured money market accounts, and the public deposited their money there, instead of at banks. The regulatory apparatus of the day couldn’t stop the public from doing that. :slight_smile:


The Republicans ARE going to crash the economy. On that one, make no mistake about it. Gen Xer Paul Ryan who cut his teeth on Ayn Rand novels have no compunction going forward. The entire administration is built on the fantasy/reality television/sociopath Trump trip to hell. These people simply are play acting, as were most of the people who stayed home on election day.


IMO, Capitalism is suicidal …

in its exploitation of nature and animal-life – and even of other human beings
according to various myths of “inferiority.”

Global Warming is proof of that – and Elites are taking us all with them.

Those involved in carrying out these exploitations are, as well, suicidal …

but very much true that there are many VICTIMS of these exploitations –

If we just look at vaccines, we begin to see how far back the illnesses they are causing go…

In fact, there is a parallel between Schizophrenia and Autism which is very interesting …

Both are caused by genetic damage to the brain which extends to other areas of the body …

Schizophrenia is caused by over pruning of the synapses –

and Autism is caused by under pruning of the synapses –

Clearly, vaccines are causing this damage in Autistic children –

And while Schizophrenia has been with us long before vaccines, men have always been
digging up metals from the earth. See the ingredients in vaccines.