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'24 Hours. 3 Dirty Pipelines Delayed': Supreme Court Rejects Trump Effort to Greenlight Keystone XL Construction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/07/24-hours-3-dirty-pipelines-delayed-supreme-court-rejects-trump-effort-greenlight


Somehow, I’m doubting Buffett is just going to sell 600 mi of very expensive, dubiously welded 42" pipe, laying about on THIS right of way? Is anybody reading about the likely options? I’d wondered if gas-fired power stations, actually in the upper Ohio, would simply market electricity and this be greenwashed by Bloomburg, etc. as a win-win-win? What’s even happening with Williams’ old 36" Constitution Pipeline, anyhoo? MUCH gas infrastructure is going in, here in NYC. Tens-of-thousands of ancient mob fuel-oil boilers, switching to frached PA methane, without any thought of the obvious repercussions, as the wells eventually kick, leak or blow-out


Guess, a captive, complicit and corrupt media and totally owned politicians are a BAD thing, if private equity/ gas transmission conglomerates can simply steal your land, poison your air, water, crops & arrest you if you protest?


Greenpeace receives millions of dollars a year from the meat industry! Those new life forms in american rivers come from animal factories, and animal feces. So the green new deal, cutting down the trees, throwing live animals in a meat grinder. What did Mr Smith call us in The Matrix? Humans saving the Earth. Never underestimate the power of denial.

The road to hell
With good souls
One tree left
One monkey plays.


Much sooner than later our laws need to reflect Pacha Mama as well as the rights of property owning white males ceded to white males ceded to… …CORPORATIONS. There is no Planet B.


Those white males and corporations would roll their eyes at the idea of Pacha Mama. She is not a concept that they can get their teeny, blood-sucking brains around. Those of us who do understand are grateful every day for her bounty - capitalists only see something they can loot.


The big one would be a class action suit holding the fossil fuel industry liable for past and future climate damages that their noxious products knowingly caused.


That would be good. Better yet, let’s test Citizens United by putting the person known as Exxon-Mobil to death-by-charter-revocation, and seizing all its assets as liquid damages to be applied to environmental remediation.


Soooo damn true!

Congrats to all those involved in the organizing and legal efforts leading to these decisions. Grateful for your prolonged efforts.

We’ve been laboring for years here in the Mid-Atlantic to STOP the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. To stop it dead is a great feeling.

Taking a breath and then getting back at it. Remember, resistance is only one component of the task - building the new systems that replace the old ones is the other part. That ultimately means changing our own consciousnesses, behaviors, and lifeways.


I AGREE. And I would add this is further proof that while it is good to be keyboard warriors, it means nothing unless we Progressives back up our diatribes and rants with positive actions.


In addition to which; these blog aggregators have been ever more essential to reporting of whistlebowers’ insights, leaks & astute disclosures NEVER carried in conglomerate media. TX Sharon, DeSmogBlog & ProPublica can’t be expected to inform every local school-board & small town newspaper of what 3rd Party auditors, pipeliners, State & local inspectors can be fired, sued, prosecuted (or worse) for disclosing to potential victims in these “sacrifice zones,” we all have to educate ourselves about the true costs of our glib lifestyle choices, our specious gullibility & smug apathy hurts us all

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Declining air quality, higher temperatures ARE from automobiles.
Yet, we produce more millions each year.
There is the correct target.

Previously, pipeline was delayed for water protections.
Where are any experienced engineers involved in solutions?
This article has court reaching far out for a reason -
The pipeline company can pay taxes to land owners, tribes, and government land it crosses.

At swamp, creek, river, etc. GO TO Double Pipe. The space between the two is called the annulus.
This zone is held in a slight vacumn and has monitors and alarms that immediately turns off pumps and closes valves if a leak develops in the inner pipe where crude flows. Plus the double pipe is mechanically stronger.

The pipe welds mentioned in post 1 above is easily checked using x-ray or fluoroscopy. I am far more concerned with the metalurgy that India used to make this pipe. We could have acquired quality pipe from Nippon and Calgary.

Perhaps the SCOTUS is just stalling until the feds can amass armed troops to mix things up.

Nice reply…thanks.

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Always a pleasure to read your posts! I’d forgotten to add, Don’t live in a VALLEY!

Kidding me, right?
I did travel over to the new oil pipe going from Griffith, Indiana to Sarnia Ontario.
As you advise, observed everything correct plus stress relief of circumferential weld.
I should have got a heat number off the pipe.
This replaces the pipe that ruptured at river in Battle Creek, Michigan.
Still not cleaned up properly there.

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  • also* enjoy reading your posts…thanks for your kind reply.
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Oldie, you writing about Enbridge’s “Crude Oil” Pipeline 6B? I’m referring to Berkshire Hathaway & Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Welspun & Evraz are a whole different story! Is the (scary!) Lakehead 24" HFW still holding together? No stress relieving heat treat is performed on double-joined SAW girth welds.

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The tar sands crude flows from Cushing, Oklahoma to Pontiac, Illinois. Thence to Griffith, Indiana and continues to Sarnia, Ontario. Enbridge map shows going to Toledo where Sunoco and BP have refineries. I think Lima, Ohio has one also. Cleveland has at least two. There is a damaged pipe at Macinaw which is all talk about replacing in a trench. No reason a diver could not have installed a two piece bolted cover over the pipe damaged area.

The enbridge pipe, Griffith to sarnia, is about 5 years old and each circumferential weld (SAW) was stress relieved. This helps avoid hydrogen enbrittlement in the heat effected zone. The original pipe was said to be purged and filled with inert gas, probably nitrogen.

My thinking is that these pipelines have a maximum service life of 25 years. Also that the owners must install pressure and flow monitors and have skilled trades employees performing regular inspections.

If they are polymer lined inside, that would extend the service life, lower pumping costs for regular crude. Tar sands crude arriving at Whiting, Indiana BP refinery is very low price. $13.00 per barrel by contract. Used for aircraft and diesel fuels.

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Dilbit, ethane and most sour gas, I’ve had the luxury to avoid (aside from collection sustems for Shell & Chevron) so HIC tests were for sour service gas linepipe. The notion of dilute bitumen going through Indian or Russian SAWH rolled from Ukrainian slabs (melted down Stalinist era tenements from Pripiat, with open laminations, you could stick your fist into) I’ll gladly call a needy friend? We had little problem with the half trained 1099/ temp/ gig “hands.” Not all that much issue with the vendors. We seldom ever SEE our erstwhile clients (we used to have them right beside us, at work and play!) Project engineers seem to despise us deplorables, empirical knowledge, their companies’ specifications and scuffed metatarsal boots & helmets, rust, yellow paint and UT couplant terrify them? And our new, armed, cranked-up coworkers are pretty interesting too (whenever they show up?)

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