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25 Democrats Join GOP to Advance Anti-Boycott Bill Bernie Sanders Warns Violates "Americans' First Amendment Rights"


Very disappointed in my Senator Wyden, he has always been an advocate for free speech???


and don’t their people get free healthcare and education? or close to it.

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As I’ve been asking for years:
How can the Jews, of all people, not understand that ANY country that adopts a national policy of genocide, then ruthlessly and relentlessly enforces that policy decade after decade, generation after generation, has long ago forfeited the right to exist?


Progressives? Never confuse a neo democrat with progress…


“What would Jesus do?” you ask? Jesus tried to tell the Jews they were hypocrites and they tried to stone him to death, at least that’s what John said in his gospel.


Every senator who did not vote for this will be targeted by AIPAC and the Tribe for removal from office next time around. And they will get what they want.


and the treasonous little snakes in AIPAC need to be hounded out of the country. That organization, and its sister ones like the ADL, need to be dismantled.


He’s doing the same with Venezuela.

Sanders’ leadership qualities are suspect as hell.

He waited 24 hours before saying anything. That’s way to much “finger in the wind” action for me.


Bernie acts as an enabler for this with his links to the Democrats. He helps draw the progressive vote to that party, persons opposed to such legislation , and gives the illusion that the Democratic party represents the left in the Political system.

On every such vote 10 , or 20 Democrats will side with the Republicans and the rest of the Democrats can say “see we deserve your vote as we opposed this”. It a con.

Remember that for every person deemed a progressive such as Alexandria Oscario Cortez , an ex member of the CIA and security state was elected to the Democrats as well. It is my considered opinion that this sudden influx of EX Security state candidates was no accident and they ran as part of an initiative to ensure any added progressive voices on the left were neutralized so as to ensure the Democrats remained fully in grip of the Corporatists.

Meanwhile . as the Democratic Party whines about Russian meddling, Republicans and Democrats both do Israels bidding.


It sure puts the US’s professed concern for the downtrodden of Venezuela in a strange new light, doesn’t it? We lavish hundreds of billions on Israel, Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Turkey, whose human rights records are literally atrocious, while threatening Venezuela and Cuba because they treat sedition and treason as the serious threats they are.


That’s another good reason to get money out of electoral politics.


As Daddy Koch always said capitalism and democracy can not co-exist. Capitalism in the minds of sheeple means pretty clothes and good food to eat. Our system is completely corrupted by money with little ability to live without it. Same for those in Palestine oppressed by Israel who wants it all without being shot at by those who always hated Israel. Same for Central America sending people with children to the border hoping we will not torture children but we shall. Trumpers are fine with all but their pure white children being tortured. Watch Trumpers now try to capture Venezuela with a fake President. We live in interesting and dangerous times indlucing Trump/Putin in the White House…

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A pitchfork rally could be a preliminary protest to let the powers that be know they have gone over the imaginary line.
Then the hard part comes if we are not taken seriously.
That means time away from work, or family. Possible jail time, or injury, or both.
We have to be serious brokers at some point, don’t we?


It’s worse than you think. Here is Chris Hedges discussing the documentary “The Lobby”.




Class action lawsuit with America the plaintiff.

Come on millennial’s, we need a protest song from you that us boomers can relate to along with you. “My Generation”


Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN definitely has her eye on the Presidency in 2020. Perhaps her “Yes” vote has something to do with her being Jewish, perhaps not. IDK about my other Senator, Amy Smith’s vote.

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Time to primary a few dem’s?


I agree. What more proof does one need than when he sold out in his statement at the Democratic Convention: " we cannot allow Trump to become POTUS, that is why I am supporting Hillary."
When in my opinion, Bernie would have buried Trump!


notice how the “progressive” Harris did not think it important to even show up for a vote! ugh- damn democrats truly despicable.


Yeah, but they’re more powerful than you and me. Power politics is a bitch. Look up the Lavon Affair if you haven’t already. They’ve been working on taking power a loooooong time. (Also “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz” is a fine primer on the impetus behind a lot of this crap.)