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25 Smears, Hoaxes, Grifts and Whoppers on Climate and the Environment in the Obama Era


25 Smears, Hoaxes, Grifts and Whoppers on Climate and the Environment in the Obama Era

Peter Dykstra

As the curtain comes down on Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House, most Americans seemed convinced of one of two things: We’re either about to Make America Great Again®, or we’re about to hurtle into an uncertain epoch that I like to call the Idiocene.

But before we turn the page on this administration let’s take a look back at the tall tales, regrettable pronouncements, farces and scams on climate and the environment during the Obama years. Anti-regulatory zealots led the pack, but President Obama contributed a few of his own – starting on his first full day in office:


Obama may have gotten a few things wrong but one thing he got right is that unless we successfully address climate change we will be leaving a planet that mostly will not be hospitable to human life. If global warming goes beyond 4C it is predicted that the human population will experience a massive crash.


You forgot to say one thing. Hillary could have made the difference and saved us all.


Actually, it is now so late that Hillary may have not made any difference when it comes to staying under 2C. But we would have had at least a chance . Some scientists have said that the election of Trump probably makes it impossible to stay under 2C. I think where Trump will do the most damage is not giving money to developed countries for mitigation and adaptation. That could throw off the entire international effort. Perhaps Hillary would not have been able to get anything through Congress but at least she would have been a leader internationally. That could have made a big difference and could have saved us from some of the worst effects of climate change. What we have to do know is work hard with the states that are fighting climate change and hope some leaders from other counties fill the leadership vacuum created by Trump's election.


One minor correction of #17 - there were few record set during the so-called "record cold" of 2014. Mostly it was simply a brief return to what would have been a normal winter 20-30 year ago. Where I live, we maybe set one daily-low record - but set 3 or 4 daily high record temperatures on other days.


It will start... before 4C


uh... are u being sarcastic.?




Good plan. Let's get to work on it.




I haven't heard that from a climate scientist but I wouldn't rule it out.


Many people are. Why don't you join the effort.


Dykstra sez: "Next week we’ll look back at 25 signs of hope from the Obama era."

Oh, boy! I can't wait!


You mean, people dropping dead?.... from many different reasons... all linked to climate change....?... Yes, by 4C ... we will be very very much down in numbers..... I have heard it from climate scientists... and others...


Hackers, believed to be Russian-based, steal thousands of emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit.

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Where the hell is the 7th Cavalry when you need it?

Hackers, believed to be Russian, have hacked into.......... (fill in your own dots) I think they have also hacked The Times' crossword. That's why i can't do it. They also hacked away my winning lottery ticket.