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25 Ways the Canadian Health Care System is Better than Obamacare for the 2020 Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/19/25-ways-canadian-health-care-system-better-obamacare-2020-elections


|Just as the Canadian model of Health Care delivery is superior to the US Model , the one proposed by Sanders and Jayapal in the USA is superior to the existing Canadian model.

If that ever came to pass in the USA , Canadian Politicians will be forced to get off their backsides and improve the Canadian model.


Ayuh. It’s fascinating watching the federal election unfolding in Canada at the same time this issue is being argued in the States. The NDP leader is calling for Canada to get off its duff and cover pharmaceuticals, dental and vision “like other western democracies that provide health care for their citizens” (the U.S. exempted by implication).
Meanwhile, the Liberals dither and the Conservatives seek a back door to the credit card and GoFundMe plan.


Ralph Nader’s opinion no longer matters to me. His hubris during the presidential election that helped Gore lose the presidency is more than I can stand. F him.

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Good summary. But it’s not just Canada. This is such old news, that it is ridiculous that articles need to be written to make it simple for Americans to understand that other societies have better ways. And by the way, in Canada, you don’t need an additional medical card, it’s just your Social Security card. That’s it. And yes, Bernie’s plan goes wider and covers dental (as expensive in Canada as in the US), eyes, ears.

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Nader sez:
“Obamacare’s 954 pages plus regulations … is so complex that then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said before passage ’we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it’ …”

Why not? It worked great for the USA PATRIOT Act.


But, but Ralph where will congress get it’s bribes that normally come from the health insurance industry if we enact EIM4A? /s


This is a brilliant article with lots of honest facts. Too bad it will not be seen by all the anti-M4A propagandized citizens thanks to lying politicians and corporate-owned media.


The MIC will pick up the slack, RF.

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Actually it not a social security card , that being said it can help to have a social security card to get a medical card. (Birth Certificates and other forms of ID help as well such as a passport, permanent residency card and the like)

So just as example, I live in BC so assume I am visiting Ontario. I show my BC health care card and am covered under that. If I move to Ontario and show just a Social security card I can use that card to get an Ontario card once I prove residence. There might be a complicated scenario where I have neither but I have yet to hear of this preventing access. It relatively easy to get a card and unlike your Voters cards in the USA where Governments actively try to prevent people from voting by denying ID there no real incentive to deny a person a health care card if they are a Canadian.

My Medical card is on the back of my drivers license. You can also get a separate card if you do not have a drivers license. This all you need show when you visit a clinic or hospital. You show up at the counter. show your card, wait for the next doctor or whatever procedure you need and then leave once done. You do not even have to check at the counter again when you leave.


The NDP is slow off the mark I fear and seem disorganized. I do not think they will do well in this election. They are losing support to the Green Party as far as I can see. This will help the Liberals more so than the Conservatives albeit being a supporter of the Green Party I look forward to them getting more seats in Parliament.

Greta might play a role here as she speaks in Montreal next week and she might be an incentive for the younger people to get out the vote and vote green.


Pretty small thinking, buckaroo.


Interesting. (I’m in the U.S.) Now that I think about what it would be like to just have a card, why do you even need a card, if everyone is covered? I can imagine the government has an interest in making sure they are paying for real costs, but does the government need to know which costs were for you? It would be awesome if the government didn’t have a copy of my medical records, but it would still be an improvement over my medical records being managed by the insurance company, and still available to the government via Obamacare plus illegal surveillance anyway.

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Well imagine if you would Americans coming over the border for free healthcare? There an ongoing issue with faked cards in areas bordering the USA.

The thing is this. Each Province has jurisdiction over health care. The Federal Government pays to each Province an amount of monies each year based on population to ensure that care standardized across the Country. When I use my BC Health Care Card in Alberta , the Government of Alberta internally bills the Government of BC. That card needed to ensure the proper jurisdiction footing the ultimate costs.

A Scenario in the USA as example. The Government in Alabama cutting costs by telling its residents to go to Florida for their Health Care on the Government of Florida on the hook for those costs.

These issues do not happen in Europe as much due to how our Governments designed. In Canada and the USA there Provincial and State Governments that have responsibility over certain Jurisdictions under their respective Constitutions. Provinces in Canada and States in the USA have greater powers then such Governments in Western Europe.

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A few years ago my health insurance company “fired” me. I had paid my exorbitant premiums on time for near 30 years to the same company, and hardly ever made a claim. I bet I was their most profitable customer ever. Then they sent me a letter saying they “no longer offered individual plans in my area.” (I always had an individual plan because I work for a small business that does not have enough employees to get a group rate - another aspect of disproportional cost burden on the poor end.) I ended up going to an insurance agent, who told me only one insurance company offered individual plans in my area. No shopping for the best deal. No choice. I ended up buying a plan from a company that does not have any providers in my area. So I’m paying for services I can’t use unless I drive to another city. I would only do that if I developed a very expensive problem, so I’m left feeling grateful to be cheated instead.

I get the impression this outrageous, unsustainable system is making the insurance companies scramble to dump and cheat people as fast as they can before some sort of regulation stops them.


Jesus Christ, he DIDN’T cause Gore to lose. And, most importantly the only thing Gore was “liberal” on was somewhat the environment. Gore was a conservative Dem. Give it up and get a fucking life.


Okay, I see, thanks. So maybe all the providers really need is proof of citizenship, and province of residence. I never thought about U.S. states being involved in a federal health insurance system like Medicare. I don’t know how Medicare and Medicaid are currently administered - perhaps payments to states based on population. Do you have thoughts on whether it should matter what province you are in? It seems simpler to just have providers bill the federal government. Do provinces compete with each other to lower costs per person so they can keep the extra or something?

The Constitution gives jurisdiction of health care to the provinces. To change that would require a rewrite which would take forever.

While the Federal Government ensures there a minimum standard for the care across Canada , some provinces have added benefits. As example Quebecs program tends to be more robust covering things not covered under the National Health Care act such as Vision.

Here in BC you get a free eye care test every two years but have to pay for eyeglasses out of pocket.

The National act does not cover prescription drugs as another example. The Government acts to ensure the costs kept down via National legislation but a patient still pays those lower costs out of pocket. Some provinces will help cover those out of pocket expenses.

Most Provinces will cover the drug costs of Seniors and Children.

The NDP have proposed enhancing the Federal act so Dental care, Vision and prescription drug medications are all covered across the board.

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Wow, I didn’t know any of that. I was thinking sending a bill to the federal government would not be interfering in the jurisdiction of health care, but I can imagine it gets complicated.

So, if you needed glasses, and showed your card at a province that does pay for them, they would turn you away because you are from a province that doesn’t pay for them, right?

Most likely, though I have never tried it.

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