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25 Ways the Canadian Health Care System is Better than Obamacare for the 2020 Elections

If the Canadian system pays provinces based on their population, rather than just paying each individual’s health care bill, isn’t that sort of unfair, like in the U.S. where schools get paid based on the number of students, even though some schools have heavier burdens like higher proportion of students with external problems that require extra teachers?

I don’t remember anyone mentioning if the Sanders/Jayapal version distributes payments to states based on population. I guess at this point I don’t care; Obamacare is killing people every day, and that should be treated like an emergency. Cut off the heads of the insurance industry hydra first, make it better later.

Well. I have lived in Canada, Ontario, around 2000, and am a naturalized citizen there. My Social Security card includes the medical. That’s all I used when there. Things may have changed apparently. Not that it matters whether you have one or two cards, just that integrating it with the Social Security card, is symbolically more appropriate - from start to end.

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It might be different in Ontario. Personally I would not like it on my SIN card. I tend to keep that locked away :). The main point of course is that it rather easy to get. They are not making you jump through hurdles . They want you to have one.

Well no it not unfair. The full costs of ones health Care is paid no matter what Province you are in. The disbursement from the FEDS is just to ensure each Province is allocated a fair amount. The costs for health Care Province to province is pretty well the same. As a percentage of population there no marked difference in Cancer rates or the like province to province.

Now as I stated in my first post if the USA does pass the Sanders or Jayapal proposals the demand to enhance our own care in Canada would be overwhelming.


“Thinking” is much too big a word for what the buckaroo is doing here.


Interesting, thanks. In the U.S, there is substantial internal migration of retirees looking for lower cost of living or better climate. For example Florida is famous for the high proportion of retirees, who are assumed to have higher average health care costs per capita.

Yoo hoo, don’t forget the 12% of registered Democrats in Florida (over 200,000 votes) who voted for Bush. Do you blame your own party for not even winning over it’s own constituency? I do.

Another fun fact: 8 other parties besides the Green Party had presidential candidates on the ballot in Florida in 2000, all of whom garnered enough votes to hand the election to Bush.

Finally, a question: Your party lost 1,000 seats over 3 cycles recently – was that the fault of third parties too?


Gore could not even win his home State , that of Tennessee and Nader had nothing to do with that.

In Florida more registered Democrats voted for GW Bush then Naders total vote tally.

Some 24000 registered Democrats vote Nader. 200000 registered Democrats voted for Bush.

try again.


Al Gore chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate. From just that, it should be apparent to anyone that he was no liberal. Ralph Nader was not the cause of Gore’s defeat. In my opinion, Ralph Nader is a national treasure.


Yeah, fuck democracy! We in America are taught how horrible and corrupt one party states are, but two party states are not corrupt, even if the two parties support policies that have utterly screwed everyone over and made it so that no other parties can emerge. How dare anyone run for office that isn’t in your corrupt nothing party (which stands for what?), and how dare anyone think that they don’t owe your party far more than your party owes working people and the poor. And you know what, screw all the things that Nader won for you in regards to consumer protections that you probably don’t know about or appreciate. While we are at it, screw logic itself!


No one has to justify a third party running against the damn Democratic Party. That party and the other rotten party have taken control of this system and made it so no other parties can really challenge them. They are corrupt and rig things internally whenever the interests of those running their party and their donors are threatened, and the Democrats are internally undemocratic. If a Democrat runs and loses votes to the Green Party, those voters didn’t owe the Democrats anything, and they don’t have to justify voting for the Green Party. If a Democrat in 2000 or 2016 lost votes to the Green Party (more times than not, their horribleness or mediocrity simple resulted in people not bothering to vote at all), that means that they should have offered those voters more if they wanted their vote. In other words, earn the damn votes. They didn’t, and so they voted for other candidates. The Democrats should, instead of waiving their corrupt plutocrat fingers at others, work to make their party less corrupt, work to create ideological coherence in their party, work to get more people to vote (by giving them a reason to vote), and they should open up the political system. Don’t the neoliberals always talk about the magic of competition? How does that not transfer to politics? Open up the political system to competition from other parties, not just on the left. Let the Greens and Libertarians take part in presidential debates and take away the control of those debates from these two rotten parties. I would love for the Greens and the Democrats to compete for the chance to take on right wing parties, and would like to not be stuck with that corrupt, out of touch party, since it offers no solutions to our largest problems and has no policy or ideological coherence. One reason we are stuck with sub mediocre thinkers and politicians is because of the well-established Democratic networks and affiliated think tanks. Other parties would blow that to bits. I would welcome that.



Sanders has been right all along.

Everyone Lambasts him as a cranky old man with ideas that are tooo far to the Left.

Yeah, Bernie has Humanitarian Ideas that will improve the Health Care for ALL Americans and this is considered Radical.

The Cable News Commentators and the Print Media Journalists are of the mindset: Hey I got my Cadillac Insurance Policy through my Employer, TO HELL WITH EVERYONE ELSE.

It is every person for themselves aboard the good ship USA.

BERNIE or BUST - 2020


Yep. All I know of Ralph Nader is that be has worked tirelessly to make life better for his fellow Americans. How any can attack him is beyond me.

I am not sure what Al Gore has ever done that can compare to a Ralph Nader.


My thoughts exactly. Gore couldn’t even win Tennesse, his home state, and that had nothing to do with Ralph.

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A card - or identification for billing - has an anti-fraud function. Medicare sends each beneficiary a statement of which providers were paid for services to that beneficiary. If a beneficiary sees and reports a payment to a provider who provided no services, Medicare can investigate for payment error or fraud.

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Maybe. But both are miles ahead of Trumpcare.

That makes sense. I wonder where the $350 billion of billing fraud is coming from.

What you wrote looks good. But you didn’t mention how the Canadian system handles very expensive treatments, such as those that are over a million dollars for the treatment.

The statement system works when a customer is looking at a simple receipt from the grocery store, but the statements from Medicare are (or were, years ago) indecipherable medical jargon and five-digit medical procedure codes. Health care is a la carte, patients rarely recognize every menu item that a provider does, the codes are an industry secret (so I’ve heard), and the statement doesn’t arrive until the patient has forgotten the visit or treatment. In the one-in-a-million event that a patient notices a questionable charge, the patient is unlikely to risk spoiling his or her relationship with the provider, and even then, it would merely pit the patient’s word against the provider’s word. My experience with employer-provided health care insurance indicates that errors occur about one-third of the time, and they are always in the insurance company’s favor. I disputed them, but with Medicare, the patient’s money is not at risk, so the patient has little incentive to follow through. I’m sure that the errors and fraud are there, but they are very hard to find.

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It is the prevalence of this sort of foolishness among a minority of Democratic voters and a majority of the Democratic apparat that makes it so hard to feel sorry when the party loses, even to the Republicans.

While the party occupies this sort of thinking, to the extent that it does, good riddance.

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