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26 Gun murders (equiv. 130) in England vs. *11,004* in US Annually


26 Gun murders (equiv. 130) in England vs. *11,004* in US Annually

Juan Cole

The US is downright weird compared to civilized Western Europe or Australia.


Well said.
The truth not only hurts, it kills.


A better headline would mention gun deaths, not murders. So it would be more like 30,000 plus deaths by guns in the US vs a 100 or so.


This one statistic literally says it all.


The text link “there have been” at the beginning of the article should be clicked.

What a sickening graphic of fucking gun culture. What do gun nuts say? That crime would go down if everyone was packing?



Thank you, Professor Cole, for your words, your intellect, and your concern for this nation. The proof that a better way exists can be found in other countries where obvious solutions are not prevented from being applied.


Prof. Cole:
Possession of so many guns is a large part of the problem, but Lars Breivick in Norway suggests that mental health is also.


Was he mentally ill? Or wasn’t he that white supremacist? Funny how white killers are thought mentally ill but arab terrorists are just terrorists, ie no mental illness is ever suspected.


There is a very good article in the most recent issue (October '17) of Scientific American about guns, violence, and public perception. Was written and published of course before this latest tragedy. There was this paragraph near the end of the piece:

But even as the belief that we are all future crime targets has taken hold, violent crime rates have actually dropped in the US in recent decades. According to the FBI, rates were a whopping 41 percent lower in 2015 that they were in 1996. The NRA attributes this decrease to the acquisition of more guns. But that is misleading. What has increased is the number of people who own multiple guns - the actual number of people and households who own them has substantially dropped.

There was no reference or citation for this paragraph, but I will take it on faith that it is true. Stephen Paddock certainly had more than his share. What was the count - 23 at the scene and another 19 at his home?


Should you instead say “when the gunmen has a Muslin first name, they are just terrorists”? Because in most cases, they were acting alone and they were clearly mentally disturbed.

In the case of that Ft. Hood mass killing psychologist, he had heard tales of horrific brutality toward people who looked and had names like his from his PTSD soldier patients day in and day out. So that he finally flipped out violently is understandable even if indefensible.


He might have become depressed for some reason. He certainly planned it; it was not a spur of the moment action.


How many time did U.S. police fire their guns?
How many do U.S. police kill each year?
How many does the U.S. kill in other countries each year? By mercenaries? By drones, bombs and other explosives?
How many in other countries die each year from being forced to drink contaminated water because the U.S… bombed their water treatment and sewage treatment facilities, electric production facilities and other infrastructure?


“There have been 1,516 mass shootings in 1,735 days in the United States.”

Yet Wikipedia only lists about 100 mass shootings in the US in the last 100 years. What stat is he using, not the one the FBI uses?

“Number of Murders by Firearms, US, 2016: 11,004”

That would mean that on average 50% of all gun murders in the US are mass shootings. There is something wrong with that stat alone, probability theory would say that non mass shootings would be more prevalent.


Not sure what gun culture means, I say : SO what? Other countries are not us. In England you cannot order eggs over easy - the yolks MUST BY LAW be hard cooked. They have their ways, we have ours. PLUS without any insight into the statistics they quote - it is meaningless. There are over 250,000 medical error deaths per year in the US - where is your faux outrage over that?


Go polish your fucking gun okay?


I will, and I’m going to have a huge smile on my face knowing how pissed off it makes you, and that that you spent decades trying to get rid of it, and you’ll never succeed.


Really? You want to blame all those murders on a firearm that kills fewer people than knives, hands and feet, and hammers every year? What a non sequitur ending this article had. I was kind of glad that you guys actually use facts like stating that personal sales aren’t background checked instead of just using terms like “Gun Show loophole,” but then I lost all respect at the end.


Actually phallus polisher, I’ve never once called for banning ownership of guns. Careful with that gun.

And there isn’t a gun show loophole? So all gun show sales all across the country are regulated? Go tell your FAKE facts to people stupid enough to believe them.

Nice moniker :slight_smile:

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