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28,000 Demand Superdelegates Represent Constituents


28,000 Demand Superdelegates Represent Constituents


WASHINGTON - Twenty-eight thousand people (and rising steadily) have thus far signed a petition created on RootsAction.org's do-it-yourself site demanding that superdelegates represent their constituents at the Democratic Party's 2016 national convention.

The petition, addressed to the Democratic National Committee, reads: "At the Democratic National Convention, superdelegates should vote for the presidential candidate whom their constituents have chosen in their respective state primaries or caucuses."

The petition and the comments added by signers can be found at:



Finally, people are starting to speak up about the fact that there is no true democracy in the political party that calls itself the Democratic Party. The news always reports only on the popular vote in the primaries which is tantamount to blatantly lying to the public. Votes don’t matter. Only delegates matter. And since there are two kinds of delegates, people tend to only focus on the pledged delegates. It seems like nobody even understand how Democratic candidates are nominated and it has ruined Bernie’s chance of winning. Not to mention the fact that if they did understand how the system works, they would see how bad it is and they would try harder to win.

Most Bernie supporters are young and they don’t understand how the system works, and their inexperience with politics is making them believe what they hear in the news. Recently, one of them tried to tell me that Bernie won Colorado by 19%. Yeah, that was media hype. I heard those stories too. In reality Hillary will probably take more delegates from Colorado than Bernie did. Progressives are not going to win elections until the majority of them understand how the system works. And when they do understand it, they will realize where the real battle lies.

Here is the shockingly inaccurate and misleading comment that I received a day or two ago. I couldn’t believe it.


The online petition with RootsAction is a good idea, for 2020. But it wont’ change anything in this election. The rules have to be established before the primary season begins, before the campaigns even begin. They can’t change the rules this late in the game this year. All the superdelegates that Hillary has are hers to keep. They can’t take them away from her at this point. By 2020, the political establishment and party leaders will have come up with a new way to remain in control of their nominees. By then the superdelegate system will probably go away, but it will be much harder for the people elect their own candidates. We missed a huge opportunity this year that will probably never present itself again.