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28,000+ in Brooklyn Remind New Yorkers Not To Count Out Bernie Yet


28,000+ in Brooklyn Remind New Yorkers Not To Count Out Bernie Yet

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Following the largest rally of his entire campaign, which took place in Brooklyn on Sunday, Bernie Sanders is heading into Tuesday's Democratic presidential primary in New York with a single message aimed at both his supporters and detractors: Don't count him out yet.

Despite a mainstream media narrative questioning his ability to overcome rival Hillary Clinton in New York and beyond, Sanders managed expectations by downplaying recent polling numbers that show him trailing in the Empire State.


If only 3/4 of them are registered to vote in the primary!


I am so sick and tired of hearing the MSM saying Bernie has little or no chance because of HRC' s delegate lead.

" That's the cold, hard truth ( that HRC does not have an almost insurmountable lead ) the indisputable numeric data of the election cycle ( is that it is far from over because Bernie is surging with huge crowds, while Hillary looks to be weakening and getting much smaller crowds ) - but unfortunately, is not the story Americans are being told!"


Bernie is going to win upstate NY and NYC is 50-50 now with Bronx and Brooklyn going for the native new yorker Bernie. My prediction is Bernie winning by 1% or less if they do not steal the primary. People here in NY are tired of the Clintons and want some real change but the NY media will not tell you that.


Lol .yeah isn't it a pain how some people will keep on saying that Bernie will have little chance of winning because of Hillary's lead?



Is this or is this not the most exciting presidential race ever? Too bad they are rigging the game or trying to but Bernie seems like he really is going to do it. If Bernie takes NY then I think the game will be Hillary trying to catch up and Bernie going into the convention with a pledged delegate lead. Interesting that it may come down to a general election between the people's candidate and the billionaire oligarch ... Both from NY...lol.


Hillary is not from New York. She was born in the Chi, opposite side of the state I live in.


Trump is a New Yawker and Bernie is a Brooklyn boy. Um? Hillary who? Lol


Ed Zachary. :stuck_out_tongue:


You know what the best part about this is? Once upon a blue moon, the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (yes, the Queen of Predatory Payday Loans Debbie Wasserman Schultz) specifically instructed the media not to count the superdelegates. And yet they're doing it anyway.

Say what you will of DWS but I find it interesting that the corporate media is deliberately going out of their way to disregard her words, all for the purpose to prop up Hillary Clinton.


Glad to hear most New Yorkers are tired of the Clintons!


HRC was parachuted in to New York as a candidate. In spite of what the media suggests it hardly her "Home State".

In order for her to win in New York she had to rely on the death of the very popular JFK Jr in a plane crash. How fortunate for her.


Good point. No doubt about it no matter how many primaries Bernie wins, Hillary is the selected one!


I truly hope so. What do you base the upstate prediction on? Any particular areas seem stronger for Bernie?


If Hillary loses New York, I hope Bernie stays out of small planes!


Or perhaps recruit several Bernie lookalikes who'd go different places until the November elections are over. Anything to confuse -even a bit - those who did in the Kennedys, Paul Wellstone, etc.


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New York is going to Sen. Bernie Sanders.


It's called being a "Carpetbagger".


He should appoint die hard true progressives for important posts and another dedicated to public service and a progressive socialist for his VP. He must protect his legacy and the movement against possible MAFIA style retaliatory actions a.k.a JFK