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28 Pages Raise 'Scores of Troubling Questions' on US-Saudi Ties


28 Pages Raise 'Scores of Troubling Questions' on US-Saudi Ties

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The just-released 28 pages of a 2002 congressional report into Saudi Arabia's possible ties to the 9/11 hijackers have stirred speculation about the U.S. government's continued relationship with the Gulf kingdom.

Amnesty International criticized the White House's statement that the pages, hidden from public view for 13 years, have not changed the government's assessment that "there's no evidence that the Saudi government or senior Saudi individuals funded al-Qaeda."


It's time for a complete reappraisal of 9/11 . . .


If you are expecting the US government to be guided by morality in its actions or in the choosing of its allies, you are barking up the wrong tree. It is all about power, expediency in the quest of keeping the war an discord rolling on this planet for the sake of profit for our armament industry.


Always follow the money. As Malcolm X supposedly said, " Money is truly the white man's real god ". So far, nothing I've seen has proven him wrong. It sure made the wars in the MENA a cash cow for The Oily Gassers.


More evidence of Bush-Cheney's false flag 9/11 sacrificing 3,000 innocent Americans. Now, let's get the evidence that indicates Israel's part.


Bin Laden had lots of info so we shot him in the head...Lee Harvey Oswald had lots of info so he was killed.


Yes, by the U.S gov.


This country will never heal until the truth about 9-11 comes out. The truth about the Saudi evolvement and the truth about the obvious demolition of the twin towers.
We can start by who benefited from the insurance money and destruction of the two but also the third building that was pulled.


Yes it IS time for "a complete reappraisal of our relationship with the Saudi's"...they were in part the ones who enabled 9-11 to happen. Them, and the proud "asleep at the wheel" behavior of George W. Bush, the dumbest son of a bitch to ever occupy the White House, just about. The blood of hundreds of thousands is on his hands. He destroyed Iraq and helped protect Saudi Arabia, since his family owed them so much and didn't want to offend them by holding them accountable. We should have invaded Saudi Arabia.


This is nothing that the Saudis did, without the absolute collusion with individuals inside our own government. This was a false flag attack. There is so much evidence, that is the case.


9/11 was undoubtedly a false flag operation to give BushCo and PNAC a pretext for war in the ME. No 757 ever hit the Pentagon, the WTC was a controlled demolition. WTC-7, which wasn't hit by any planes, went down many hours after the airplanes hit WTC 1 & 2. Check this link: Hunt For The Boeing


Love Abby Martin


I removed the post, I need to think this thing through before I comment on it, the implications are too numerous.


The title of this story...."Just released documents point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia, but White House says it's assessment has not changed".
This sounds just like James Comey saying "Hillary, you are guilty as hell, but we don't recommend any charges be filed against you".


So, my only question is, do we hang them?What about the 10's of thousands of innocents that have been murdered as a result of their deceit. What about the over almost 5000 american solders dead and thousand more maimed for life? And the carnage continues.
The ME today is a train wreck because of their lies..


Carol, here's the same video you gave us the link to -- on YouTube:


In an enhanced Minority Report 2.0 where special police units are empowered to pre-acquit powerful mass murderers before and after they commit their heinous crimes.
Hence, behold how superbly well the Minority Report 2.0 works in reverse when a billion barrels of stinking Saudi Arabian oil is waved under the right Amurkan nostrils, pre-predictions of criminal innocence are assured no matter the incriminating evidence to the contrary... sob.
BTW, this anti-crime acquital unit works equally well on certain powerful, too big to jail Amurkan politicianoids (of the female and/or male persuasions) eg, the recent FBI get-out-of-jail-free acquittal of a certain powerful politicianoid of the persuasive female persuasion for the crimes she has and shalt commit. sob...


You wouldn't happen to be speaking of:

Larry "I said you know we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is 'pull' it, and they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse" Silverstein, would you?? Nah... Please be advised, that 'pull it' means, bring all the firemen out of the building, and has absolutely nothing to do with the demolition of said building.


I smell limited hangout, with a nice red-herring sauce on it. It has always been my belief that the Empire would one day ditch the Saudi princes (good riddance), but only to further secure its hold on the region.


Glad you brought up the Israeli connections to 9/11 -- funny, those never seem to be brought up except by "conspiracy" theorists. There are simply too many Israeli connections for it to be "coincidental."