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28 Words of Hate: Rotting In Gitmo/Hell


28 Words of Hate: Rotting In Gitmo/Hell


For the first time since the release of the Senate's infamous torture report, a flurry of actions on Guantánamo reveal the enduring obstacles to real movement on closing the travesty that even the head of the U.S. military calls "a psychological scar on our national values." Their most telling moment, during a Senate hearing, featured the wisdom and empathy of Tea Party Sen. Tom Cotton: He proclaimed of those held, "As far as I'm concerned, every last one of them can rot in Hell, but as long as they don't..they can rot in Guantánamo Bay."


“Sen. Tom Cotton” a true cottonmouth. Cotton Mathers was another who loved the word 'hell." Is there something about being named for a diaper cloth that turns people into raving haters?


This country has been raising bumper crops of morons for the last thirty-five years, and quietly without many even noticing them they have already managed to ascend to levels of political, financial, media and religious power in this country. This country that has the worlds largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, and a group of leaders who will do whatever the voices in their heads tell them to do! We are so screwed!


Sadly, you are probably right. I am a nuclear veteran and have seen WW-III up close and personal. I’ve survived (so far), but many did not.

  • When I watch and listen to the war hawks pushing Russia, hoping for their long desired chance to “nuke Russia,” I think Nature need not work too hard for the mass extinction. Perhaps all She needs to do is sit back and watch. We have a “do it yourself kit.”


This video made me weep. It epitomizes the deep frustration that all human beings with love in their heart’s would feel at the injustice done to a young man trapped in this horrid situation. There are many more suffering in Guantanamo (and elsewhere). My mind and heart rage at the futility and powerlessness that we the citizens of the world face. Because of the powers that be, we are unable to free this young man and all the others trapped in limbo. People like Tom Cotton leave me completely dumb struck! There is a category in which this type of person fits, but I cannot yet name it. Words like evil, dark, soulless, moronic, stupid, hateful, despicable, detestable–don’t cover it. In my fantasy I can see thousands of people, intent on tearing down every last bit of these inhuman prisons, storming the compounds and freeing every one of their fellow human brothers and sisters. If only.


Golden comment.


I have to wonder what Thomas Jefferson would say about an America that butt rapes POWs with pureed raisins. Both the historical figure and commenter, TJ, here on CD…