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$3,278 ER Visit for Coughing Fits and Fever Amid Covid-19 Pandemic Highlights Failure of For-Profit System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/25/3278-er-visit-coughing-fits-and-fever-amid-covid-19-pandemic-highlights-failure


Face it folks, this Duopoly form of government that 95% of us end up supporting, either wants our money, or wants us dead.

Either way, they and their masters, profit.


We keep complaining about the profiteers but nothing will change until we change our leadership. And even then I’m not at all confident we can put a damper on profiteering. By the way, profiteering imo, often goes beyond healthy capitalism.


It’s called “greed” G.


A quote in passing and now lost in my fog…due credit given:

It’s the capitalism …stupid!


A for-profit health care system is a conflict of interest from the get go. The idea that money should be made from medical practice promotes the “norm” that the more testing and cost incurred the better. For the provider and the stock holders. What a charade of greed and disingenuity the entire system is!


I wonder how many people stayed home or have even died rather than face the economic burden of health care in this country? We should be ashamed of ourselves. I am.


Oh they’re on a learning curve alright…Learning what they can get away with !!!


In all fairness, prior to the Covid outbreak, ten of thousands of Americans had to make that often fatal choice every day, whether to seek treatment for an illness or injury and risk going broke, or simply not go to the hospital, and hope for the best.


Well, something is very rotten in Denver! as well as all of the US! The parasite insurance companies and for-profit corporate hospitals (as well as other factors and corruption raising such costs to obscene levels) conspire together to overcharge, serve “investors” and CEO’s, lie and deceive to attempt to justify the unjustifiable ripping-off of the nation for personal and corporate gain - the $2500 per night hospital bed, the $50 aspirin and band aid - all to satisfy the system of greed we have allowed to grow to current obscene levels - off with their heads!

There must be a shift from such predatory parasitism to universal single-payer health insurance and enforced regulation of all aspects of national health-care!


Not only are these insurance companies looking for loopholes so as to refuse payment whereby the working class sees that 1200 dollar stimulus cheque not even pay 1/3 of the costs of hospital visits such as this , but they indicated that premiums will rise in the future due to the pandemic.

The worker is paying more and more and getting less and less. It like raising the price of a Box of Cheerios by 50 percent , cutting the Volume of the box by 30 percent and giving the consumer a 10 percent off coupon for a box of cheerios to demonstrate their good faith.

It a fucking con and the Government helping it along.


Some people I work with—a contractor has a full body brace on his mid section----I think he is doing this himself—you can tell he is in pain------one of my supervisors has had a swollen ankle for months , has insurance but can’t afford to use it just like me.

The brother of one person I work with got hit by an uninsured motorist while taking a morning walk—he owes $500,000 in medical bills and his insurance is only covering $100,000.

There is a form of MIND CONTROL going on here------people should be demanding MFA at the very least-----but really we need healthcare centers in every neighborhood.


Because of the way the General Agreement on Trade in Services works, we are only allowed to have Medicare if its part of our retirement system. This is why we needed to win in the primary. Rep. Japayal please be aware that Medicare is part of our statutory system of social security and if its expanded without leaving or modifying GATS first (see its Article XXI procedure which you can find on the WTO site) we’re basically risking its very existence, Read the WTO annex on Financial Services.

she should be pushing the government to cover these bills but not to allw Medicare or Social Security to be invoked as related. Because that path is literally booby trapped.

The way to single payer is to withdraw from the GATS or modify our committments (or to leave the WTO ad repudiate it openly, if we follow a theory that the world is being stolen via adverse possession?)

Plus since its an emergency GATS is not blocking us as it does normally. Lots of countries, declaring an emergency, are breaking the WTO rules, invoking a real emergency. Why tempt fate?

As long as this life threatening emergency is in effect, the government can probably claim one of of the various defenses against foreign countries that might bring another WTO suit (India already has an active ‘request for consultaions’ against us and our numerical limits on guest workers) and invoke their ability to put the WTO GATS aside for the emergency. We’re going to pay a very heavy price in the years ahead!

The country desperately needs all of our social safety net programs, be aware that the whole country was lied to and read up on GATS. In 2009, just before he suddenly died Nick Slala testified to the House Progressives. He has a great paper in the IJHS you should read.
Its on the PNHP web site and CiteSeerX.

I suspect a majority of people are opting out of being tested for Covid, therefore allowing it to spread even more. And to make the second wave deadlier. Most people, when faced with having to deal with a medical insurance hassle, will just let it go. They’re already ill. Unless they have a medical advocate to fight for them, well…
For a political party that prides itself on being pro-life, all I see is pro-death. Loves war, loves sick people staying sick, loves private schools that don’t educate children…


These ‘health care’ companies will stiff us with the bill if they can get away with it. For this Regan fellow, he challenged them and they relented after it went public. Most people won’t have that luxury.


They consider it to be their entitlement, seriously.

Have you been following the news on sites like ~keionline.org?

Please be careful!

I read an article the other day about people in the US seeing their medical bills drop dramatically after they requested an itemized bill. The Hospital or provider in question usually produces a single bill. When it itemized and people see they were charged 90 bucks for alcohol swabs the provider will lower these charges or be seen as price gouging.

Price gouging occurs with regularity. One of the major reasons for the USA spending twice as much on Health care as any other Country is because of price gouging.


Hi Gandolf,
** I’ve been watching this stuff since before WW-II ended. Since the war, both parties have become more sophisticated. Of course the "R"epublicans don’t have much to change. When I was a kid, I asked my Dad what GOP stood for. “Greedy Old Parasites” he answered. In the seventy-odd years since then I’ve never found that definition to be wrong. The "D"emocrats learned to be much more sneaky. Once in a while, they’ll pass a bill that could really help We the People and spend a lot of time singing “See what good boys we are!” They carefully watch to see what the Republican Senate will do and often the bill gets blocked and the Dims can say, “See, we tried!” If it passes, they watch the president carefully. When he vetoes the bill, much drama! “We must override the veto, the Dims cry out!” When the vote is made, it almost passes, but gee, several Dims were on vacation, several more were campaigning, some were sick and couldn’t get there to vote. The result? The bill is dead, they couldn’t override the veto. Tears and flapdoodle.
** As I have said for many years after watching this endless charade, The two parties are two sock puppets doing the bidding of the Oligarchy. The apparent differences are are just Kabuki to give We the People the illusion that we are the movers and shakers in the government. The two sock puppets do what they are told to do, the Oligarchy gets more power and profit, and the sock puppets are richly rewarded. Does anyone still think that things will change by voting for one or the other of the sock puppets? I’ve been watching and explaining this for almost a century and still it goes on with little or no change.
** If We the People don’t wake up and rid ourselves of what has deteriorated into into a Mafioso or Nazi system and build an actual party, of, by and for We the People, the best we can hope for is getting used to living as serfs of the Oligarchy. I don’t have that long to go, but my heart goes out to those who are just starting out, most never having experienced living in a nation where their opinions, their labor, is valued. Most of them have never lived in a free society and the way the world is going, they never will.
** Perhaps Mother Nature is watching this and may be deciding that, to save her world, the earth, She may need to do a radical humanectomy, to get rid of the malignant cancer growing on the earth. It took her about twenty minutes to get rid of the dinosaurs, but asteroids seem to be in short supply these days. About all I can suggest these days is work hard for change, and hope.


“Everybody that wants a test can get one.” Ha, ha, ha…fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
What a surprise, Trump was lying.


Its even worse than that, Please read what happened to South Africa.
[1] ~https://www.policyalternatives.ca/publications/reports/gats-and-south-africas-national-health-act

What is required is that we leave the GATS agreement which has hamstrung our ability to decide key services for more than two decades.

This emergency, for all the sorrow and heartbreak it has given us, offers a historic opportunity that may never come again to leave both GATS (which could potentially trade away millions of jobs, forcing Americans to train their replacements, this danger is made more imminent by declining profits, according to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton we could lose 26% of our jobs, a replication study by two Harvward studentsfound we could lose 41% of our jobs to offshring, but they both made serious underestimates because they left out public servces (like schoos) and also left out a new kind of outsourcing which had jobs located here done by foreign companies (GATS Mode Four)

We also need to leave TRIPS [4] which is responsible for the insanely high prices of drugs which often cost very little to make. TRIPS may have killed 10-30 million people during the AIDS crisis when a drug that would have cured them cost that turned out to cost less than 33 cents a day was instead kept unavailable by pricing it at $15000 a year in africa, the same price that Americans had to pay.
We need to understand that GATS is a trap that is designed to destroy Medicare and Social Security if anybody tries to expand them beyond retirees.[3]

The worst thing we could do is tie healthcare changes to Medicare - we could only have done that by leaving GATS first, and that would usually require a President and Congress to order the USTR to withdraw us via GATS Article XXI which normally could require years as we battled countries like India over compensation for lost expected jobs, etc. [5][6]
but right now could be accomplished immediately with emergency powers.

Expanding Medicare which is GATS legal only because it is part of Social Security which is limited to retirees. Ignoring the need to do that first could result in the destruction of both, because Social Security and medicare would both violate GATS if we tried to create them today so would be forbidden See essay by Pat Arnold [8] and the WTO Secretariat’s Note on Health services of Fall 1998, page 11 [7]

This is easy to see its literally on the front page top of the (WTO) Annex on Financial Services. [3] Please read it.

[1] ~https://www.policyalternatives.ca/publications/reports/gats-and-south-africas-national-health-act




[5] A Replication Study of Alan Blinder’s ‘How Many U.S. Jobs Might Be Offshorable?’ ~http://policyspace.xyz/external/a-replication-study-of-alan-blinders-how-many-u-s-jobs-might-be-offshorable
by Troy D. Smith, Jan W. Rivkin :: SSRN They conclude that around 41% of US jobs could be offshored. They leave out some kinds of jobs which are likely to obe outsourced here, to foreign firms, which make this likely to be an underestimate.
[6] How Many U.S.Jobs Might Be Offshorable? Alan Blinder ~http://policyspace.xyz/external/how-many-u-s-jobs-might-be-offshorable-alan-blinder
He concludes that around 26% of our jobs are vulnerable to offshoring - See also the later replication stufy that concludes 41% are. Not counting public jobs.


All located in Links ( ~http://policyspace.xyz/external )

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