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$3.5 Trillion on Healthcare and We’re Still Uninsured, Underinsured, and Unhappy


$3.5 Trillion on Healthcare and We’re Still Uninsured, Underinsured, and Unhappy

Michael Lighty

It’s time for a reality check when it comes to universal healthcare. Usually, that means those with an idealistic vision of equity and justice must give it up in favor a more achievable program. But in this case, the reality of what’s achievable exceeds the low expectations and compromises that have for decades limited the healthcare reform debate.


Of course govt officials won’t do anything to ‘fix’ a broken predatory, vampiric, over-the-top healthcare system. Strangling Americans is what it’s all about. We need a faction to take the bull by the horns and turn the whole of healthcare into a giant co-op. Combine resources. Work together, eliminate profit, break up all pharmaceutical manufacturers and tax according to pay scale. Find a way to rid the industry of CEO’s and their huge salaries and bonuses deepening on the most extraction possible. As good as this sounds I’ll take Medicare for all for now. Which will be a tough sell with the present money infused enough to Congress to keep huge profits flowing.


We have the worst of all worlds with health care. We don’t have a socialist health care system whereby as tax payers and voters we have some degree of control over what happens. Neither do we have a free market whereby people are free to seek out their own health care without huge, overwhelming government interference. The best description of what we have is Fascist Health Care whereby Industry and government collude for their mutual benefit while the vast majority of people suffer.

So our health care system is sick, very sick. But I tell you something that scares the hell out of me whenever “Medicare For All” is brought up - That I never hear of talk of a PATIENT’S Bill of Rights which specifically gives every individual the right to refuse any medical procedure whatsoever. You may not like what I say, but the forced vaccination of school children in California ranks right up there with the Nazis as far as I am concerned. Injecting children with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and worse all in the name of "health care " is criminal. Right now vaccinations are not based on science but on profit. I can foresee many other situations where a criminal government such as the one we have now could mandate horrid drugs and procedures. Even periodic health exams should not be forced even in the name of preventative costs. Unless Medicare For All includes the above right of refusal, I will not support it. Gopherit


Here’s the thing though: A very large portion of that 3.5 trillion was NOT spent on healthcare at all. It went to luxury homes and yachts for executives and investors in the “healthcare” industry.


Today’s problems with healthcare costs rests in intermediary payors, insurance companies and governments. Insurance is not healthcare and does nothing but burden its provision and increase its cost. Government as the middle man obtains the same result. The problem with a mandated centrally controlled one payor system is that it denies choice and forces compliance. This is essentially socialist and un-American. Those who propose such a system don’t seem to understand that healthcare is not a right, it is a business. The business of healthcare has only become more expensive as insurance companies and the government intruded themselves into paying for it and controlling how it is delivered. Giving either of them greater power to do that has and will only continue to raise the costs.