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3 in 4 Americans—Including 55% of Republicans—Want Senate GOP to Prioritize Covid-19 Relief Over Ramming Through Coney Barrett

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/3-4-americans-including-55-republicans-want-senate-gop-prioritize-covid-19-relief

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My two GOP Senators need to be catapulted into the ocean after a good keel-hauling. Conveniently, they both live on the water!


There are 100 senators. Some can read and write.
Ayanna and kenny, this is not a one or another choice at all.

McConnell is responsible, along with Mark Meadows, Trump, etcs.
for hundreds of thousands families in hunger, and now colder weather
coming into play.

Yes, let us place the students back into rooms without proper
ventilation, close together (this AM, no social distance) and
depending on their self supplied masks to protect them all.


There are no arguments to be made,

This is about RAW POWER!!


I’m going to need a mighty trebuchet to give my GOP senators—McConnell and Paul—a dunking, given they both reside in land-locked Kentucky. Ima gonna try, though.


In a new poll, 3 in 4 Americans wouldn’t give assistance to Mitch McConnell if he was found lying in a ditch.

Those that said they would lend a hand, also confirmed that they had no idea who he was.


republicans dont give a fuck about what 3 in 4 americans want… and neither do democrats


They have been prioritizing it, since August. The House is just being egregious with their demands. I easily could say the House should be prioritizing a sane COVID relief bill that doesn’t try to bail out poorly run states and cities. They can’t just stop doing their job because the House doesn’t agree with them. And confirming Barrett is their job. You just don’t agree with it.

Confirming a SCOTUS nominee is NOT their job… (the senators)… Their job is to go deep in the nominee’s background, their previous rulings on other cases, their knowedge of previous cases, are there any scandals in their background, are the a security risk, will they be fair, NON Partisan on their review, does the nominee have a political agenda… then everyone can make a informed decision if the person SHOULD get confirmed… this should NOT be a RUBBER STAMP!!


Doubtless you prefer a “same COVID bill” that bails out poorly-run corporations looking for welfare.

Speaking of egregious, RBG’s body hadn’t even begun to cool before TrumPutin and McConnell began to ram a replacement onto the Supreme Court before the election. This is the same McConnell who in 2016 would not entertain confirmation hearings for Obama’s candidate Merrick Garland–nine months before the 2016 election, but rushing yet another Federalist Society candidate into the judiciary is a pressing concern just five weeks before this election.


I think the states should do their own “stimuli” if Cuomo and DiBlasio decide to keep businesses like restaurants and bars closed, why do the people of Texas need to pay for it? Open the damn country up.

evidence shows us that the wishes of the people have no chance of being enacted–this is due to the extreme corporate capture of our political system-

-want something different?? quit voting for any politician who takes even a single corporate dollar

I agree! The sooner you morons all catch COVID-19 and die off in droves, the better.