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3 Questions That 'Created Havoc' in Betsy DeVos' Department of Education


3 Questions That 'Created Havoc' in Betsy DeVos' Department of Education

Jeff Bryant

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is famous for giving a nonresponse to fairly straightforward questions. More than one commentator has had fun with her contorted evasions, but her inability to explain the rationale for current education policies isn't confined to her own personality and ideology.



When it comes to Betsy DeVos, there’s only one question that needs to be answered;

“Does Betsy DeVos put the best interests of the children in this country ahead of her own?”



Betsy is too busy coordinating her yacht scheduler who keeps track of the locations and availability of her 10 yachts. Not to mention scheduling her aircraft fleet.



The answer is of course NO!

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“During the hearing, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat of Connecticut, referred directly to our report, citing the $1 billion stain on the department’s charter school grant program,…”

==It’s not a “stain,” any more than the mob taking a slice of the garbage collection industry is a “stain.” It’s racketeering. If you trace to whom the money was finally delivered, you’ll surely find most of it ended up with cronies of Arne Duncan and Betsy DeVos.

You can’t fumble away one billion dollars. You can only cause that much big money to disappear intentionally.

I do have to give DeVos a hand, though, for restoring a bit of due process to college campuses and resisting the pure politicization of rape and sexual assault, matters that should be investigated and prosecuted where necessary by professionals versed in these matters.

Amazing. It was only thanks to the right reflexively opposing feminist imperatives, that finally caused the right to stand up for Constitutional guarantees.



Yes, the US government has long been an ongoing criminal enterprise to a large degree. Some people say it started out as one, although that’s not entirely fair to the Founders of the Republic. What has changed in the past two years is that it is NOTHING BUT an ongoing criminal enterprise.



Don’t give her credit for anything- she is as dumb as a post. Erik her brother probably does the thinking for her.



Question is why? Why is there so much of a criminal element there?

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Oh, all the usual suspects plus several that really DO result from the “exceptional” experience in the “New World.” Busy day; maybe I can come back and rant later!

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Okay- what is exceptional- you mean they believe that due to their money? A pox on them!



By “‘exceptional’ experience in the ‘New World’” I meant just that. From the first explorers from Southern Europe to the founding of the American Republic, the “second peoples” in the Americas thought and acted as if they had discovered a vast new territory uninhabited by actual humans in which they could reinvent society free from all of the corruption and other baggage of the past. The inscription on our currency, Novus Ordo Seclorum is precisely what the Founders of the Republic believed they were doing, despite the “obvious” (to us) fact that they had brought all of that baggage with them and added some more. They probably didn’t think of themselves as seeking power, but they were aware to some extent that they had come into great power. Unfortunately they were doing their great work a half-century before Lord Acton’s warning, about the experiences of a much longer period of time, yet without the opportunity to wipe the slate clean by ridding the territory of savages they found there and re-peopling it with others.

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Hate that term savages- I know tribal people personally- they brought their notion of “Christianity” with them- wipe out the tribal people and with the remaining ones turn them into “good little Christians” complete with stealing their kids and sending them to abusive boarding schools- a sickness whose legacy remains today. Thank you for your post.

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Also Betsy Wetsy apparently never had a real job in her life except to work for daddy that’s why she can relate to Dump.

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Yes, absolutely. I was writing in the third person, as I presumed “they” saw it. That sentence suffers from a plethora of pronouns: Lord Acton was still a member of the very old society that the Founders had left a century or more before. Had his society lived through a period of extermination of whole peoples, his take on power would likely have been different from what it was, but in what ways we cannot know.