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3 Reasons Pelosi Should Take Trump’s $1.8 Trillion Stimulus Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/14/3-reasons-pelosi-should-take-trumps-18-trillion-stimulus-deal

This is starting to get weird, in combination with Ro Khanna’s peculiar initiative reported yesterday. The weird thing is the issue of corporate liability for COVID malfeasance (nursing homes which negligently kill all their residents and half of their staff, for instance). Just in case the Senate winds up under control of Democrats, they’d prefer to get this liability issue over with, so they can blame it on Republicans.

I’m contorting into a backwards one and a half or something in attempting to frame things like this anyhow, as the 2020 election looks headed for likely suspension – which means no more government in general – finally drowned in the bathtub, all these DC guys out of work.

I love how Ro says something and now online progressivism is oriented around the take half-a-loaf approach. This is after, right here at CD, commenter after commenter excoriated Pelosi and Democrats for capitulating to Trump and Republicans during the last stimulus bill. For those of you who can step away from the nonsense, here’s the deal:

  1. None of the jurisdictional committee heads in the House likes this “deal.” The $1.8 trillion offer sounds big, but the details actually matter. An example, the aid to states and local governments is so convoluted that it won’t get to them per the committee chairs. That’s not a “deal,” but a phony offer designed to look like one.

  2. The Senate is not participating in these negotiations. Republican Senators know Trump is losing, are busy with confirmation, and want a significantly smaller bill. They don’t care what Trump says and have said so in multiple media outlets. His tweets aren’t scary anymore, McConnell runs the show.

  3. There is no deal to take. The Trump offer is like folding to the guy with marked cards early instead of telling the dealer he’s cheating. Why? Oh, because Ro and his rich tech buddy, Andrew Yang, say so. Makes sense.

If the “deal” was okay, Democrats would take it. They did the previous ones.

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I just keep checking to see if “corporate liability protection” is included (though it seems possible to include it without mentioning it, perhaps?) in whatever the hell is proposed. My guess: probably, and soon. There’s an urgent need to protect whole strata of malefactors from armies of lawyers!

McConnell has that at the top of his priority list. The details on the White House’s latest offer are sketchy, but nothing is getting through the Senate, per McConnell, without it. That’s why all these yell-at-Pelosi for not taking a “deal” pieces are garbage. Many of the progressives saying this are the same people who threw her under the bus for taking the last half-a-loaf deal too. If the jurisdictional committee heads in the House thought this deal was okay, Pelosi would be calling her members back to DC now. Notice, AOC and Jayapal aren’t talking about taking a deal. Why?


If the democrats do not take this deal, or an improved version of this bill–if at all possible, there will be nothing until at least sometime next year–if even then. Because we will certainly be hearing, “Well, it’s almost over. We have a vaccine, better treatments, so git yerselves back to school/work/drudgery.”

Democrats are between a rock and a hard place and leave it up to them to FUBAR, as usual. Merry Xmas! No stimulus for the suffering and Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed.

Those are the key words. You don’t get that by folding immediately. Moreover, folding and ignoring the details, like the one I mention above on support for local governments, is only going to rebound on you once everyone learns the “deal” stinks. The same “progressives” who constantly complain about being sold out and who are pushing this “deal” will be the same people who complain about evil Pelosi and corporate Democrats the day she says yes.

Way back in April:

‘You should be ashamed’: Critics unleash on Pelosi for showing off freezer loaded with ice cream

“While Nancy Pelosi sits in her ivory tower in San Francisco, eating $13 dollar a pint ice cream out of her $24,000 fridge, she is cheering on Democrats for blocking coronavirus relief aid that has so far been distributed to 1.3 million small businesses that is about to run out,” the Republican National Committee’s rapid response director, Steve Guest, tweeted.

There’s your leader. Meanwhile people are being dragged out of their cheap rentals and thrown to the street.

Uh, Democrats passed two bills that are sitting in the Senate already. Here’s the administration’s priority, straight from the Secretary of Treasury:


Ro Khanna, progressive pushing a deal that does help his wealthy silicon valley friends. Who knew (hint: I did)?

Uh, Silicon Valley is a friend of all democrats, didn’t you know that?

Okay. You are right. The best way to get a deal is to accept what the administration is offering. Corporate liability protections, limited aid to states and local governments, large corporate tax cuts, and no testing and tracing. Go progressives!

You’re a sharp one, @KC2669, but your handle is impossible! Something to do with Kansas City (where, I’ve heard, everything’s up to date!)?

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Thankfully both of the state approved parties are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Particularly with the collapse of the US economically and as a functioning nation. But it is amusing to see the oligarchs and their centrist enablers not realizing that their time is already fast drawing to a close. Whoever is elected, they will have a hell of a surprise when the general strikes start and keep getting bigger next year.

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