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3 Reasons to Pay Attention to the LA Teacher Strike


3 Reasons to Pay Attention to the LA Teacher Strike

Erin McHenry-Sorber

The first mass teacher labor action of 2019 is unfolding in California as the United Teachers Los Angeles walked out for the first time in 30 years.

This strike, which began on Jan. 14, isn’t just important to people in Los Angeles. Here are three reasons the nation should pay attention.

1. The Los Angeles case is different

The Los Angeles strike stands out because of the size of the district.



From the article:

“As long as public schools remain underfunded, the nation can expect to see more teacher strikes in other school districts and states in the near future.”

The nation can also expect to see increasing teacher shortages as the profession continues to be scorned and, at the same time, blamed for all of society’s ills.

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Good article. Sometimes I feel that these strikes/protests are closer to a tailgate than an actual strike/ protest because it is people chanting catchphrases. Also I’m waiting for agencies such as the National Park Service to join these protests because they aren’t even being paid.



I agree- and some people go into it , and leave a few years later.



I do not understand why public school monies can go to a privately owned school and Not have to follow the rules and regulations that the public school teachers have. S0-----can someone in CA decide that they want to use public monies to create their own police force and be a private business and make up their own rules? Can people start their own law school with public monies and ignore what certified public institutions do? This whole idea is insane—public money should not be mixed in with private business, as then there are no standards!



I do not understand it either, and I have worked in public schools! The charter movement was supposed to be about consulting then these agencies decided they could get a public or state charter and be able to funnel money away from public schools while crying out that they have a public charter! I suggest you contact the federal and state department of ed and voice your concerns. We need more people like you! I do not understand frankly why so many people were hood winked and let this happen. When I was growing up we had neighborhood schools not this school choice nonsense! De Vos and her family I think run charter schools through their businesses.



The WSWS DOT org has the best coverage of this strike, which if joined by Oakland teachers (the very LAST thing the union leaders want), could initiate a state-wide teachers strike in defense of education, against the expansion of charter schools, and for a significant increase in education budgets. Look at the interviews with LA teachers, Oakland teachers, and the political analysis in today’s postings.
The decline of the California educational system, from top ranking to one of the lowest in the country, took place under the Democratic Party, which dominates the governments at all levels.

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They’re Democrats, yes. But they’re Vichy Democrats. They’re Democrats in name only.

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Hi mealouts: hmmm I am wondering if we could start a church school ----and make the public tax money pay for that religion too. It would be fun to make up an awful school just to see what happens… so how about a school that only hires men , which is insane but I would like to see how far ranging this school stealing money scam goes----so how about this, it would be SCHOOL of the HOLY TESTEment. I wonder if anyone would notice, or do they just give out money to their already rich friends or their religious friends who are insufferable sexists? : )

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Part 2- the school choice act I think already includes religious schools which is a scam. Devious who is a theocrat and a homophobe and a billionaire loves that.



HI mealouts—so sad, but it might be fun to start a Pagan School…Druid National Schools, or maybe something in the corporate vein—School of the Holy Gold Bar…run by Goldman SUCKS, of course. : )

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It’s all about busting unions.

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