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3 Reasons Why Immigration Detention Centers Are Not Like ‘Summer Camp’


3 Reasons Why Immigration Detention Centers Are Not Like ‘Summer Camp’

Amrit Cheng

In the first and possibly only congressional oversight hearing on family separation, top Immigration and Customs Enforcement official Matthew Albence made a truly shocking statement — even by Trump administration standards — claiming that the best way to describe the detention centers where hundreds of immigrant families are currently locked up “is more like a summer camp.”


School starts soon. The judge is permitting school. And homes?


we have done evil and continue to do so, this is different because we know we are. this act will affect the future generations just as slavery has done to those of us who are enlightened. where are these children and why can’t they be reunited? are we truly so inept at a system being made and put into place? crybaby has no empathy or compassion for anything and he must be judged as in an impeachment or resignation. we can’t afford another 6 years of this.


When I read what one of the officials who was allowed to view the children in their prison wrote, it brought tears to my eyes. He or she wrote that the children all had a number marked on their forearm or hand. It reminded me of Auschwitz.
*Wraiths hanging on to the barbed wire, almost speechless.
Each with one arm wearing a blue, tattooed number.
Doctors, lawyers, merchants, farmers, laborers,
Reduced to a blue tattooed number, nameless, forsaken.
*When the original Nazis imprisoned a Jew, to be sent to a “camp,” they were tattooed with a number on their arm. That was their “name” from then on, used to track them until their bodies went up in smoke, when it was erased.
*When I read that about the children, I cried.
*Not again, I pray.