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3 Reasons Why So Many People Still Support Trump


3 Reasons Why So Many People Still Support Trump

Paul Buchheit

It's incomprehensible to many of us that people could support a president who, in Bernie Sanders' words, "is compulsively dishonest, who is a bully, who actively represents the interests of the billionaire class, who is anti-science, and who is trying to divide us up based on the color of our skin, our nation of origin, our religion, our gender, or our sexual orientation."


Excellent analysis, Prof. Buchheit. I might suggest that we also consider that they only trend to associate with their own kind and as such are in an echo chamber of sorts.


Reason #4: They are too lazy to search for TRUTH or accept it when it appears.


In truth, Trump received less support than Romney. There is a myth out there that blue collar democrats voted in droves for the Trump. Not true. Blue collar Americans have been voting republican since 1965.
The Democratic Party still doesn’t want to face the truth. Trump won because too many democrats either didn’t, or couldn’t vote. And they have done nothing in the last year to rectify that situation.
The 2018 midterms are the last gasp for Perez and the Clintonite wing of the party. If they win back the house by running center/right corporate toadies they’ll claim a mandate by the party faithful and 2020 will see another wishy-washy centerist leading the democratic ticket.
Liberals better hope for a republican victory in 2018 and the subsequent collapse of our republic. It’s the only way the Democratic Party will change now.


The author forgot the most important one:

  1. The Trump stock market is going crazy and making lots of his upper-middle class supporters 401(k) millionaires and rich-rich-rich!


What few of his supporters realize is that he is destroying the administrative functioning of our government. What will they do when none of our governmental agencies come to their aid during and after the collapse? They most likely will be licking boots.


The “enemy of my enemy” is an appropriate way to describe the Trump phenomenon, It’s ironic that to my knowledge it is a Muslim creed. Wrong answer to the right problem, there could not have been a worse person voted in to solve our problem of inequality. How else could certain christian fundamentalist groups support our continuously lying bag of wind president. Trump’s actions are anything but Christ like! I believe Christ taught love and tolerance not hate and discontent. Trump is for business/himself. Not necessarily in that order. Why would Republicans in congress support and defend him? Same old bought and paid for elections by the corporate/military industrial complex! I listen to Fox News just to hear what people are listening too. After 10 minutes if I can stand it that long, based on what they are spoon feeding people one can understand the support for Trump!


The most important reason, left out here, is that the American Left - such as it is - hasn’t put forth a credible and coherent alternative to Trump’s vision of nationalism, American exceptionalism and white supremacy.

The Democratic Party is nearly as corrupt and out of touch with the American people as Republicans are (and more importantly, is perceived as being so), and progressive organizations are weak, isolated and mostly talking to themselves in their own echo chamber instead of commanding or gathering a wider audience.

So about a quarter of the voting public can elect and support Trump, while the rest of the country remains demoralized, angry, outraged, but mostly ineffective. And that probably isn’t going to change no matter how outrageous Trump is, until and unless someone articulates and communicates a credible alternative.


With all due respect, to point a finger and condemn someone’s thinking as lazy misses the entire environment - which has been and is subjected on an ongoing basis to being blasted, hammered and pharmaceutically molded into place with billions of dollars in order to separate causal reality from lived experience.; to keep people from getting their feet on solid ground of REALLY being autonomous participants in a society rather than puppets in a manipulation game. The manipulaters play with nuclear weapons, police brutality and all of the violent reactions to the human race awakening to the fact that it is not just poor whites being subjected to a system from hell.


All three of the given reasons are representative of fundamentalist religiosity, which teaches children from a very young age that, “No! In fact, we are NOT all worthy of protection. And those not worthy are to be destroyed, praise God.”


Please put this on my tombstone…


In fairness FascistFokker the truth is pretty hard to find these days. The amount of disinformation is such that we the people have virtually no idea of what is actually the truth about anything we don’t see with our own eyes. It is too a point the corruption is systemic. In this regard I understand Trump supporters. They think in terms of us against them…instead of the actual dynamic of rich against everyone else. They assume if you hate Trump you must like Hillary…when we both understand how messed up thinking that is. No, they just don’t think the other side is any better and see Trump slinging fire bombs at everyone, so they figure why not.


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Because his people are in awe of money and power?


. . . and to boot it’s not the people but the electoral college that selects a president.


There are a multitude of reasons and it is not possible or fair to classify tens of millions of people with one big broad brush, or even three brushes. But these three are probably accurate to a certain degree. I’d like to add a couple of my own, from personal observations of co-workers, family, neighbors, friends (well, former friends…), etc…

  1. A large chunk of Americans are drawn to authoritarianism. They want a strong, authoritative, powerful leader to tell them what they yearn to hear, to stroke their egos, to reinforce their ideals. A daddy figure to tell them everything is going to be alright (even when their own eyes and ears show otherwise), to tell them what to do and how to do it. Despite the fact that this flies in the face of what the country was supposedly founded on, many Americans are just not comfortable with Democracy - true democracy - and are more comfortable being the subjects of a supreme ruler (while telling themselves the opposite).
  2. Nobody likes to hear this, but spend a few hours in a foreign country - European, South American, whatever - talking to some of their citizens, and it’s just the plain ugly truth: many Americans are downright ugly (not physically) human beings. They possess ugly traits, and express themselves in ugly ways. Arrogant, exceptional, racist, xenophobic, ignorant, tribal, nationalistic, lack of intellectual curiosity, intolerant, rude, hateful - these are just some of the attributes that are quite common in a decent-sized chunk of Americans. They are naturally drawn to Trump, because he is a mirror of themselves, displaying brazenly all of these traits and doing so unapologetically and even proudly. When they see Trump - they see themselves.


Amen to that.


Republican ideology can be called “individualism” whereas democratic ideology can be called “collectivism,” utter opposite ideologies in that sense. Some level of individualism is a common trait in all people. Collectivism is however a much more complex concept: the collectivist ‘interdependencies’ we all have with others who provide for our basic needs, food, clothing, housing, appliances and furnishings, water, sewer, energy, communication, medical care, education, amenities, transport, travel, etc. Republican individualism is subconsciously indoctrinated into its adherents mindset to deny these basic societal interdependencies.


Almost all people who support Trump are white so that should be a clue. And more people who support Trump are male than female, That is another clue. Most people support Trump basically for one reason, he is on the side of white people. His supporters probably realize he knows virtually nothing about important issues and is a scam artist. They know when it comes to foreign policy he is dangerous. But he wears a red hat that says make America great again and they know that means make America white again. And, they know democracy can never work for them, there are too many non-whites and that segment of the population is growing. Their only hope is authoritarian government. They need a dictator who ignores the US Constitution and laws. They need fascism to get what they want. So they stick with Trump no matter what.


It is hard to believe how anybody supported Trump in the first place. All logic tells you that they would realize their mistake after one year of his disastrous performance. They just don’t believe what is happening. Its make believe, fake news, distortions being made by bad people. Trump continually make statements that could only be made by a stupid person. Intelligent people say, he is a genius in being able to get things across in common terms, that ordinary people can understand. It sounds more like he is talking to people who are not very bright, not ordinary people .