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3 Ways GOP Tax Plan Would Save Trump Family Millions Annually and Billions Overall


3 Ways GOP Tax Plan Would Save Trump Family Millions Annually and Billions Overall

Julia Conley, staff writer

"The Republican tax scheme is a plan made for billionaires—exactly like the one in the White House."


“Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
Leading piggy lives
You can see them out to dinner
With their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives
To eat their bacon…”
–George Harrison, R.I.P.


Eliminating the AMT alone is an enormous gift. compares to which that std. deduction increase is the equivalent to giving a poor person a penny. Without the AMT, most wealthy people - who are very good at finding deductions for their entire income - will pay no federal income taxes at all.


How is this not a criminal conflict of interest and overt theft from America?

The trumps are an entire crime family, with the “Don” a greed/ego driven thief who has been so his entire worthless life - so too apparently are all those he infected with his malignant evil, ignorance, exceptionalist/racist mind-set, and pathological illnesses…

The family that robs together should go to prison together!


“This tax sham is the product of the fundamentally corrupt system against which Candidate Trump ran: A rushed and secretive process, driven by connected insiders, stuffed with favors for the Big Donor class and potentially delivering the greatest transfer of wealth from regular people to the superrich in the history of the nation,” said Weissman.

I still remain gob-smacked at the idea that anyone could have possibly believed for a minute that candidate Trump was running against the very corrupt system that got him so wealthy, or that he ever had any interests in common with the working class. He never even ever said he held such positions except vague platitudes like “drain the swamp” that mean whatever the listener wants them to mean…


Well as of ( 1967 I think) all citizens had the right to vote so people are exercising that. What we need are honest candidates and clean elections and the end of citizens united. The USA has become corrupt especially with its banking and financial services sectors. Many people do NOT vote or do not care , and I cannot wrap my head around that .This is just one of the effects of detribalization, and lack of education.


Plus remember he was sued by the state of NY due to the corrupt practices of Dump University. He lost, and I think paid 25 million, The fact that people voted for someone who said made millions on the misery of others during the crash is beyond me and so many others also! This tax scam is another that the grade school educated will get fooled by. Call and /or write your senators and say you are not being fooled again!


Yes, together with his son in lawless.


I remember that- and the USA seemed saner back then.!


That photo says it all. George Wills had a beautiful little anecdote on the O’Donnell show last night: A normal American and an economist are walking along together and it starts to downpour. The American says; We are going to get drenched". The economist answers: “Not to worry we will assume an umbrella.”

God, I hate being scammed. I’m eighty and lived through the Reagan and Clinton trickle down and bank deregulation. My 401 went from 94,000 to 26,000. Trickle down indeed. What is that old saying, “Don’t pick up the soap?”


Put the lot of 'em in public housing, if you know what I mean. I’ll gladly chip in my share for that!


What we need are honest candidates?

We had two in the last election and you saw what happened to Bernie and Jill.

That is why many people do not vote or do not care! In the national election, the deep state, economic, elite, oligarchy makes you believe your vote counts when all along it is only their vote that counts! Like a horse race with several horses but only two horses have been selected to win.


The outrage is out there. Unfortunately, they have managed to direct it to the wrong targets.


DJT…a veritable “straw man” for the masses (don’t go along with the masses because the “M” is usually silent) that voted for and continue to support him.

Straw man: a person regarded as having no substance or integrity.

And the article lead assumes that DJT or any of his Trash Tribe has paid taxes since the 1980’s-1990’s when he was insolvent and his so-called “empire” was crumbling leaving banks holding worthless paper.


should special prosecutor mueller be looking at this? or is this wishful thinking.
it is blatant - but then what has trump and his disgusting minions done that is not.
it is interesting that mcconnell, cassidy, ryan, mnuchin, kelly, et al are of the same demographic as trump - white trash.

the republicans, apart from a handful, are a despicable bunch of mainly the same demographic -

this is not a racist comment - i am referring to the socio-economic class of people called ‘white trash’ - the only difference between this lot and the original demographic group is that this lot managed to bully their way into some positions of financial wealth - but their ignorance, despite their ability to educate themselves, depends upon a mind set that is similar to the ‘good people’ of charlottesville. and this is the current face of ‘white trash’ - they have transcended the economic rut and now encompass a variety of economic models.


In the above picture that shows Jared clapping, the caption should read: " GREAT JOB DAD! BECOMING POTUS HAS TO BE THE BEST BUSINESS DECISION YOU EVER MADE!