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30,000 LA Teachers 'Strike Ready' as District Refuses to Spend $1.86 Billion Reserve on Better Pay, Smaller Class Sizes


30,000 LA Teachers 'Strike Ready' as District Refuses to Spend $1.86 Billion Reserve on Better Pay, Smaller Class Sizes

Julia Conley, staff writer

Educators and their allies in the second-largest school district in the nation are making a stand for students and education quality this weekas more than 30,000 Los Angeles teachers prepare to go on strike, after the school district has refused to use its nearly $2 billion dollar reserve to provide educators


Thanks the DSA for pointing out that this strike is being forced by a hedge fund financier superintendent who is hell-bent on further chaterizing and the LAUSD. It’s too bad that the union isn’t emphasizing this more. This is class conflict made concrete and the entire union movement and other progressives need to get behind this to prevent a weakening of the union – or even union bust.


I am struck by the fact that there are 2,000 administrators for 600,000 students. 1 for every 300 kids. That seems excessive to me, especially when they want the people doing the actual teaching to accept 50 students per class. Cutting administrators, and their higher salaries, could help finance some of these expenses…


correction of autospellcheck: charterizing

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I’ve worked in education much of my life, primarily as a writing/communications instructor in higher ed. The bureaucratization of higher ed, as evidenced by the growing armies of administrators is as obvious (and well-documented) as it is destructive. This is especially true in the cyber era as teachers/instructors are being replaced by various “online learning” schemes, much as professional workers, craft workers, industrial and service workers are being ghosted into nothingness.

IMO, this is the final stage of post-industrial capitalism. People just don’t matter. Human engagement just doesn’t matter. Either we come to terms with capitalism’s permanent war against humanity and the biosphere, or we are done as a species. There is no grey area here.

It’s us or them. Which Side Are You On? This is the only question left. It is answered by our behaviors and actions.


Tom Johnson
Columbus OH USA


No contract for over a year ? Get the parents on-board and get out the door.


I thought you meant “chattelizing.”


Totally agree. Us or them?. I say again (we the people) must kill this system before it kills us all!.