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30+ Groups Launch Campaign Demanding Law Enforcement Ban on 'Authoritarian and Invasive' Facial Recognition Technology

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/05/30-groups-launch-campaign-demanding-law-enforcement-ban-authoritarian-and-invasive

Too late. The vipers are already on the loose.


Detroit and Chicago lead the way.
And yet:
Chicago only solves 9% of the cities murders.
Even after adding another 150 detectives.

Also have to worry about an individual cop using software to plant an individuals portrait taken by camera 454 (of 32,000 active) and inserting into a crime filmed by camera 6,873.

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Amen to stopping this 1984 technology in it’s tracks. There’s is also a federal legislation push to make hiding your face as a protester illegal, and clearly their related. If police get to hide their faces, than so should protesters.


Ah, I lone for the old days when a wanted poster at the post office was sufficient. Welcome to the United States of Insecurity and the land of the not so free…


Authoritarian minds are taking over public places. A friend just got back from an upstate NY trip and was completely searched at the airport - his poetry notebooks, phone, computer all were examined. This was a domestic flight. Americans are brainwashed in not realizing the difference between safety and control. What is in your government profile?


I use to be employed by Alaska Airlines and so flew a lot and was told by some that those metal detectors were not good for you if you flew a lot. Maybe not true, but if one is a frequent flyer probably be better to opt out and accept the pat down except it does make the TSA suspicious!


Good news.

Now we need these groups to fight against AI directed weaponry. We need the world to come together on such a ban.

It is not enough to limit face recognition by government agencies. We
need to limit face recognition by anyone else, too.

Use of face recognition by non-state entities is already spreading.
Amazon is planning to connect Ring doorbells to face recognition;
in 400 places in the US those doorbells are also connected to the cops.

If cameras are on every street tracking your movements, whether they
are run by the government, by Amazon, or by some other company makes
little difference. We need to make sure they do not exist.

We must also make sure that no one can systematically save video
recordings from around your town so so to do face recognition on them
at some later time when an excuse presents itself.

Other biometric video recognition systems are being developed – for
instance, gait recognition. Our protective laws must cover them too.
The crucial question is, if the government believes that someone in a
certain agency met with a journalist to publish dirty secrets about
war crimes or lies, can the FBI identify the heroic whistleblower so
as to prosecute per? We need laws to make sure that it cannot.

See https://gnu.org/philosophy/surveillance-vs-democracy.html for
more explanation.

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You nailed it. Safety vs. control. What fascinates me is that they also talk about it as more efficient and how it will ease congestion at airport check-in and make your airport experience faster, easier, and smoother.
Name me one person who has had a remotely hassle free experience at any American airport since 9-11!

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Let’s get real: Any announced ban will be bullshit and this technology – and much more fallible, manipulable, and invasive surveillance – will used on the down low.