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$30 Million for Trump's "Vanity Parade Nothing Compared to $5.6 Trillion Spent on War Since 2001


After the first huge NO Iraqi War Parade my town did not stop the war preparations, people continued to plan parades. What happened? They were not issued any more permits. Police would would force them to march down narrow streets, then arrested them for walking in the street. Beatings took place and many went to jail. I have never recovered from the shock of hearing about that, from my friend who was there and went to jail. It was my true awakening to the level of the US determination toward war.


Will this parade include all the disabled? Wheelchairs,prosthetic limbs? Seriously,to show our kids the reality of war for oil?


Make that most of the world, because the average American is so brainwashed that they still believe all the bogus propaganda that our military is bringing us freedom and democracy by murdering millions of people all over the world! What Chomsky has called " manufactured consent".


I want the parade cancelled, the money “budgeted” for it, and any additional necessary funds allocated to prosecute Bush, Obama, and Trump, and all complicit flag officers for #warcrimes #vetsagainsttheparade #MilitaryParade #VetsAgainstTrump #SundayMorningThoughts #SundayMorning


… but US can’t afford Medicare4ALL…

Would just remind us all that Mother’s Day in MAY was originally intended to speak out against war –

and could be used to begin again an anti-war movement.

Same for Father’s Day – how about Mom’s & Dad’s everywhere get together on forgoing the gifts and barbeques?


Elite’s Capitalism and Christianity have been the chief enemies of the peace of the world.

I think it’s in our hands to stop it all now.


oops, wrong place…carry on


I get the point about how ridiculous it is to count this parade in terms of dollars compared to the post 9/11 wars of Empire (question 9/11 already).

But the real danger of this, in my opinion, once again relates to this dangerous authoritarian right wing dickhead culture that is emergent (on steroids) with right wing fascist Trump being their dear leader.

The symbolism this jerk named Donald Trump wants associated with his Administration, is that of authoritarianism at home, and war making abroad.

I had dinner with my Mom last night, and she mentioned how I was the only person she knew who she could share her criticisms of Trump with, including my brother (oh brother!). In fact, she had friends who would no longer contact her because of her feelings about Trump. All are churchgoers. Go figure.


I hear that Emmanuel Macron is selling all of their guillotines at basement prices. Slightly rusted and spattered with blood stains, but still operational.


The irony alone would need its own separate appropriation.


They would know what to censor.


Maybe the Trumpster will crater before Veterans’ Day


Especially if his “moon” ends up on 60 Minutes at some point, and video of Melania packing.

Actually that will just bolster his support among his flock.

Never mind.


My names Johnny, Johnny Pissoff. Love you anyway.


Johnny, what’d you do with Patricia?


If Pence and Ryan accompany Dustin Cheeto at the reviewing stand, perhaps it would be fitting for a group of war wounded to fire off a 21 gun salute to their brothers who gave up their lives in the Middle East wars like they do for Egyptian leaders.


I realize you mean well and I thank you for it but I am not into these types of theories. Mind control, new world order thingy’s for me are distractions from what is, which is chaos. I mean no disrespect.


If you want to show support for veterans, improve the VA and the services provided by the VA particularly the VA hospitals. Besides, VA hospitals are a gov’t run model of health-care-for-all, imo anyway.


Its Physics!! If you dropped a 5 pound barbell off the North Tower roof, it would take 11 seconds to hit the ground - how can the North Tower collapse(disintegrate) in 11 seconds? Its no mystery, its Physics; those Towers were brought down by explosives and they spent $5.6 trillion to avenge that?? Well, when you have 'liberals" like racheal maddow calling the father of a son killed in the North Tower lobby (when he entered the building by a bomb blast) a ‘terrorist’ for questioning the government’s account of 911 - Houston, we have a problem.


He makes me sick…I don’t know what to do but I do know that he has got to go.