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30 Washington Post Articles on Gorsuch’s Nomination–Not a Single One Opposed


30 Washington Post Articles on Gorsuch’s Nomination–Not a Single One Opposed

Adam Johnson

A review of The Washington Post’s coverage of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch over the past two days reveals overwhelmingly positive coverage of the right-wing jurist. The Post, which prides itself on being a molder of Beltway conventional wisdom, has published 30 articles, op-eds, blog posts and editorials in the 48 hours since his nomination was announced live by Trump—and not a single one has been overtly critical or in opposition to Gorsuch.


Court of corporate opinion


Who does anyone think owns the Washington Post, New York Times, etc? Whose interests do you think they represent? Need I say more?


Jeff Bezos owns the Post.

Time to boycott Amazon ?


Six of those 30 articles are from the Volokh Conspiracy blog, which the Washington Post hosts, but does not have any editorial control over.


Bookend to their 16 Negative Sanders Articles, in 24 hours, during the Primaries.


You mean there already wasn't enough reasons to?


Corporate media in its finest hour, How magnificently played, how wonderful for all my supporters. (You know the fantastic people who are getting all the money, not those ignorant marks that are only good for votes.)


It was in the Spectrum (St. George, UT newspaper) this morning, Sen Orrin Hatch stated that Gorsuch represented the values of Utah. Well, there you have it, straight from the cadaver's mouth. I've suggested that Kellyanne Conway be taken to a Deep Underground Military Base and fed to the Reptilians. Please, for God's sakes, take Orrin Hatch, too!!


As if this is a surprise from WaPo, after all the pro-Clinton and anti-Bernie articles last year, then the ludicrous Russophobic rubbish. Unfortunately some people must read this rag.


WaPo author sez: Trump and Democrats “aren’t making it easy to build bipartisan support.”

Almost makes one pine for the kumbaya days of peace and harmony shared by Obama and McConnell.


Of course it is time to boycott Amazon. Bezos is a predatory capitalist which equates with fascism. The only way to bring his kind down is to stop sending him money with which to destroy our democracy. Bezos and Trump are two peas in a pod.


And, unfortunately, Sanders, Stein and any number of other folks who
would call themselves "progressive" have joined in varying degrees in
this "Russia to judgment", as it were, assumptively on the theory that
anything that poisons DDT is fair game, no matter how thin a thread it
hangs on.

If politics is the art of the possible

Is it possible to perform it with unflinchingly principle?


Huh? I guess I'll show my ignorance and ask you to explain what you are suggesting here...


Search on "sanders russia", "stein recount russia", "warren russia",
"ellison russia" ad nauseum, and see if that sheds any light on the


Bezos hands on leadership of the newspaper is covering him ordure.