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30 Ways Chernobyl and the Dying Nuke Industry Are Killing Us All



Where I live the Cancer industry is kicking into high gear, along with, but leading the Medical Industrial Complex. TPTB know what's coming and want to take our last dollar.

On a side note, I worked in the radioactive waste management field for a time years ago. The nuclear industry has a peculiar way of dealing with the realities of the hazards. It would be best be labeled denial through probabilistic modeling fantasy. The cognitive dissonance induced by working in their paradigm is stifling. One must become a true believer to stay in the nuke camp. I didn't have a chance at that.


ALL nuke plants leak. If you work at them or live downwind of them, you are a goner.


Thank you for the comprehensive report, Mr. Wasserman.

I would add one item missing from it; and it's that there's a definitive uptick in seismic activity and wild weather events.

The flooding in Texas is a tremendous anomaly. Imagine if that type of flooding hit one of the 99 operating nuclear plants in the U.S?

Thanks in part to "the Frackers," there's also seismic activity where previously there had been none. How many aged nuclear plants can stand up to a quake over 4.5?

Then there are the tornadoes, major storms, and in lots of areas--droughts with nuclear power plants requiring nearby water sources to serve as cooling systems.

These engines of death were designed for a more benign era--Earth Changes wise.

Now, just as Fukushima turns Japan into the #1 lethal emitter of radiation after having been its sole recipient of same during W.W. II's sickening release of bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki... these energy sources could well become the thing that destroys us.

Small minded engineers who think in limited linear ways never understand that life is ALWAYS a circle. That means all things eventually do come full circle... Radiation: The "gift" that keeps on giving.


Requiring lots of cooling water, nuclear plants compete with other water users in a world that has diminishing water supply for an ever growing number of water users.


All of them.

A 4.5 earthquake is very small, Even in the lowest seismicity areas like, say Florida, nuclear power plants are designed to be safe from the shaking of a magnitude 6 - or about 180 times more energy than a 4.5. The North Anna power plant in Virginia was just a few miles from the epicenter of a Mw = 5.9 earthquake, it immediately shut down as designed, and there was no damage to anything safety-related.

All the nuclear power plants in Japan, including some pretty old ones also safely withstood the shaking of the Great Tohuku earthquake Mw = 9.0 or 5,625,000 times more energy than a 4.5.


Well, if these nuclear plants are "killing us all" then we should be at least be able to see it reflected in health statistics, right?


Harvey strikes again! I think it difficult to think of someone creating a mess that cannot be cleaned up. We all think that, with a little work, we can get our kid's room looking OK again. We also know that when you spill something, say used motor oil, that with a few months the spill will have disappeared. I remember at times, working in a chemical laboratory, someone would spill methanol, which has a high vapor pressure, on the floor, and even before we could find, open and deploy the "spill kit" the stuff just evaporated. Nuclear stuff is not that simple, as we are learning. The EU is paying for the huge structure to enshrine Chernobyl. The process involves two parallel railroad tracks. Semicircular structures are built and stuck on railway cars. The cars are then moved by robotic trains to the site (it is too hot to have workers there), and the many structures are fastened together to make a huge cover. This involved many billions of euros and many months of work. The intent is to limit migration of the mess, not to clean up the mess. Fuk is even more challenging. In the end, the Pacific Ocean will receive most of the garbage. Are there no victims? No one talks of it. Chernobyl data are known and published, Maybe one million. In Japan, victims just tend to get sickly and die. Many thousands, if you look. During the 1940s, uranium was taken from underground mines. It was not that one or two miners, New Mexico, died of lung cancer. All of them did. So, the lesson: if you plan something that makes such a mess it can't be cleaned up, do not do it.


Ha ha ha ha ha.

But your hearty endorsement of aging juke plants is nothing new.

Is that the basis of your engineering background? To be paid to shill now for that industry?


Pay no attention to those Cancer rates...

It's now estimated that 1 in 2 males will have some kind of Cancer during the course of their lifetimes and 1 in 3 women. Of course it's perfectly natural for men to fear for their prostate glands and for thousands of women to be walking around with one breast.


This is the basic theme in Dr. Seuss' children's book--"The Cat In the Hat."

I consider Seuss to have been a reincarnated mystic or shaman. All of his stories impart life's most significant lessons.


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Virtually all of the nuclear veterans who survived their bout with the Nuclear Dragon, in the Pacific, Nevada, and elsewhere about the earth have advocated an end to nuclear weaponry, and an end to the use of nuclear energy, period. Many of us have been loudly and continually vocal about it. The NRC and others of its ilk want us to "put on our tin hats" and disappear into the shadows until we have the grace to die and leave them alone. We won't!
Chernobyl plus 20

Chernobyl, a disaster almost old enough to vote.
It seems a lifetime ago to the young;
Just yesterday to those of us who remember
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Operation Crossroads at Bikini.

Chernobyl was a prediction by those who knew;
By those who had seen their bones through their arms,
Bathed in Thermonuclear light in the Marshall Islands.
And by the Victims of Castle Bravo in ‘54.

Chernobyl was preceded by many close calls, many accidents.
The Fermi plant near Chicago, Three Mile Island and others,
Radiation poisoning suffered by countless “Downwinders.”
Here and abroad they cried their warnings.

Chernobyl was not a nuclear explosion, not a bomb,
It was just an accident, a stubborn fire in nuclear fuel.
Yet the effects were felt, are still felt, around the world.
They will continue for many generations.

Chernobyl, a city, a region, rendered uninhabitable
For three to six centuries, longer than the Dark Ages lasted.
A legacy of cancers and mutations, not two heads or three legs,
But susceptibilities for diseases and mental retardation.

Chernobyl, subject of an article being written twenty years ago.
My young son came in with the San Francisco Chronicle.
“Wow, Dad! Weather report! For the first time in history,
Scattered showers with traces of radioactive Iodine!”

Chernobyl, a warning unheeded by those who
Never felt the heat, saw the light, feared the sickness,
But blithely want to curse the planet with more of the same.
In the sacred name of Democracy?

Chernobyl is our future, unless we reinstate the many treaties,
The world worked so hard to create, building hope out of fear.
And remove from power, those who would reawaken the nuclear dragon,
And turn it loose to devour the earth again.

Steve Osborn
26 April 2006
The Dragon that Will Not Die

Fukushima, the Dragon that will not die;
I’ve watched it spit its venom into the sky,
And dump its excrement upon the ground
Where generations will expire without a sound.

Dig it up, bury it, filter the air.
The Dragon will spew more poison without care,
Until the ground, water, air, are filled with its foul scent.
And malformed babies abound, with bodies bent.

Always remember, while bucks, shekels, yen and yuan rule,
War, nukes and biogenetics will be just a tool,
For gathering the wealth of their choice;
As they keep billions of souls from having a voice.

Perhaps the People are beginning to awaken,
As they gather to Occupy and steps are taken,
To dismantle the Wealthy and their endless greed.
To plant, in their place, a fresh and viable seed.

Steve Osborn
24 Oct. 2011

It Will Go On

The red, setting sun, casts long shadows of the rocks and hills.
When the reactors are silent and the radiation has decreased,
The desert will still exist, silent save for the susurration of the sand
Blown by the winds, slowly covering the wounds of war.

Forgotten monuments again becoming homes and shelter.
Small creatures will creep out in the gathering stillness
To carry on their own lives, eating and being eaten
In the long dance that predates man and will continue long after.

As the climates change, volcanoes, quakes and tsunamis rend the land and shore,
With the melting of the ice the seas rise; temperate zones become steppes.
Encased in permafrost, man's vaunted civilization may crumble away.
Man himself may run crying into the limbo that holds the dinosaurs.

The desert, silent save for the susurration of the sand, will still exist.
The red, setting sun, will cast long shadows of the rocks and hills.
Small creatures will creep out in the gathering stillness
To carry on their own lives, eating and being eaten as they always have...

Steve Osborn
6 June 2011
I Have Seen the Dragon

I have seen the Dragon
Through clenched lids and arms pressed tight.
I have felt its hot breath on my back
And listened to the rumble of its voice.

I have looked upon its breath,
Glowing Amethyst, red and purple,
Climbing towards the stratosphere
To deposit its venom downwind.

I have waited in fear as my gums began to bleed
And my hair came out in clumps.
I breathed a prayer of thanks
As I began to heal.

After fifty years, our ranks are thin,
We who have seen the Dragon and survived.
Those who have died or are sickened still,
Their numbers are legion.

All we can hope for, work for, pray for,
Is that no madman will ever be allowed
To unleash the Dragon again.
For its legacy to all is death, disease and decay.

© Stephen M. Osborn
2 November 2006
I have seen the Dragon, and so, I shall continue my struggle to awaken people, that they may turn away from this dead end and begin to heal this planet and its people.


Greed seeds insanity


Yes; all true wisdom and knowledge comes from ignorance and stupidity - becasue anyone who any knowledge of science and mathematics is a "shill for industry."


Let's just accept for a minute the argument that increasing cancer rates are really not just due to an aging population and the fact that poeple used to die from lots of curable or eradicated diseased before they could get cancer - isn't a huge jump to claim that those cancer cases are due to radionuclides and not lifestyle, chemical products, and perhaps increasing prevalence of natural sources?


This article typifies the hysteria and total lack of respect for truth and honesty from the anti-nuke lobby to a quite startling degree.

Many of the claims are not referenced, or have useless references. Two of the most spectacular claims: Item 1 regarding Chernobyl, and Item 15 regarding Fukushima, come with references which actually contradict Wasserman’s claims.

Item 1. According to studies by three top European scientists, first published in 2009, more than 985,000 people have died from Chernobyl’s fallout.

The only paper referenced here is by 3 Russians, and comes with the disclaimer from the New York Academy of Science –

“In no sense did Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences or the New York Academy of Sciences commission this work; nor by its publication does the Academy validate the claims made in the original Slavic language publications cited in the translated papers. Importantly, the translated volume has not been formally peer reviewed by the New York Academy of Sciences or by anyone else.”

It also comes with several reviews from other scientists pointing out that the claims cannot be substantiated.

Item 15
“Thyroid abnormalities among children in the Fukushima area are far beyond normal.”
The paper in ”Science” does indeed have a clickbait headline
“Mystery cancers are cropping up in children in aftermath of Fukushima” which obviously sucked in Mr Wasserman, who apparently did not trouble to read the article. Because the article actually completely debunks Wassermans claim. Surveys of children in other parts of Japan which were unaffected by Fukushima show exactly the same “abnormalities” which turn out, in fact, to be normal and only showed up due to the increased monitoring.

It concludes with the statement – “evidence suggests that thyroid growths among children are far more common than previously thought and must be considered normal.

Nuclear power generation is by far the safest, with fewer deaths even than solar and wind. It releases orders of magnitude less radioactivity into the environment than coal, and is responsible for essentially zero CO2 emissions

In fact the number of deaths caused by nuclear power generation in its entire history do not equal a single dam failure, or a couple of years worth of coal mining accidents.

The uninformed hysterics of the anti-nuke industry bear a very heavy responsibility for the upcoming environmental disaster of CO2 induced climate change. They have prevented adoption of the obvious solution of nuclear power for decades and now we are going to have to live with the consequences.


Try a probiotic Yunzer.


"......with fewer deaths even than solar and wind." I'm calling total baloney and BS on this ASSERTION. Solar and wind energy generates deals in the thousands? Really?


deaths not deals. Damn auto spell check.