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300+ Groups to Congress: #GreenNewDeal 'Must Transform Our Food System and Revitalize Rural America'

300+ Groups to Congress: #GreenNewDeal 'Must Transform Our Food System and Revitalize Rural America'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"To address the climate crisis, the Green New Deal must transform our food system and revitalize rural America," a large coalition of green groups told Congress Wednesday.


It’s the Corporations who should be on the sidelines. They will add nothing positive.
Their motive is profit., not even saving their own asses let alone their grand children


Imo, the GND, as it stands, is a farce; a gateway into UN Agenda 21, coordinated by corporations to herd populations into smart cities surveilled by the IoT and thereby, better to control. Orwell, anyone? Thank you


I’m perfectly happy with the fossil fuel industry’s paid troll staying on the sidelines here.

Now, we need sequestration subsidies for farmers. We need to stop subsidizing corn ethanol production as long as a gallon of ethanol takes 92% of a gallon (equivalent) of fossil fuel to produce.


The people who do not want this Green Deal are powerful. How do we deal with the McConnels and a Trumps who want nothing more than to destroy Land, Water and Air for their own Greed? We are not back in the days if the Original Green Deal, when the parties worked together and created Good. Today we have an Evil bunch of Bastards who thrive on human suffering and pain. How are we supposed to win at anything when we have Psychpaths Ruling everything in their favor? So far every March and Rally has been a failure and has not gotten us one inch closer to shutting down their mass Empire of destruction. As we speak, more devastation in the middle of the country with Hurricane Force Winds, Blizzards and more Flooding, all due to Global Warming, going unrecognized by the very people who have claimed Climate Change is a Hoax. We can push this New Green Deal as far as it can go, but if it is not written into Law by both sides, we have nothing but words and a hopeful story.

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The original Green New Deal addresses so much more than the AOC watered down version. Full text available at the Green Party of the US website: GP-dot-.org, then do a search.


I want to see the dragon flies all those colorful butterflies, bees the lady bugs the frogs those song birds the salmon in our creeks and drinkable rivers and streams all over America

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get a time machine . .

So, what do you suggest? We should continue merrily with extinction?

The Green New Deal is dead on arrival in the Senate, period.
Net neutrality is dead on arrival in the Senate, period.
Medicare for All is dead on arrival in the Senate, period.
Tax increases on the rich will never happen as long as McConnell controls the Senate.

You guys got any other great progressive ideas? Mitch McConnell will block them all, for at least a generation to come.
Focus on getting McConnell out of office.

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Yeah grab McConnell by his turtle neck and put him in a huge trash bin where he belongs


YES, YES, YES. This is critical–policies that would help farmers, wildlife, soil ecology AND not only greatly reduce agridulture’s emissions but also sequester quite a bit of carbon in the soil are very much needed–some of these changes are happening anyway because they save farmers money but getting rid of the monopolies at both the input end and the commodity purchasing end of farming would be a huge help. Subsidizing (including with research) the organic and ecological approaches rather than the megafarms owned by corporations and run by robots, enormous monocultures which inevitably invite such massive pest attacks that they have to adopt a Kill All Life in the area policy–this benefits a tiny group of corporations and their owners and shareholders at the expense of all life on Earth. But whether Congress will ever adopt policies which go against these interests…

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I guess I am lame, I’ve never read the Green New Deal and just tried to find it on this site or a link and didn’t.

Soil, alive soil can be our savior and that means sustainable no till gardening. I’ve had a hard time getting there but I keep trying but I never used chemicals on my property since I bought 20 years ago and it has been alive for 10 years since enriching the soil in a sustainable way.
Let produce locally and make it profitable for people to do so, these kind of people don’t want to be millionaires/billionaires but they need to be able to pay their bills and provide a good living for their family and children like the good old days.
Stop subsidizing big ag, big chemical, big fossil fuels and put the money in the hands of the workers who will create sustainable foods at more reasonable price, put people to work to build infrastructure for a sustainable futre.

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Lamestreet media needs a “comin up”, lamestreet media will stand behind the polluters all of them. Lamestreet media controls all the so called news and does a lousy job of it but great for fossil fuel, big agr, wall street, coal, corrupt politicians; everyone but we the people even tho a few crumbs once in awhile like the neoliberal dems and corporatists dems.

Are you sure that number is current? According to https://www.wired.com/2011/06/five-ethanol-myths-busted-2/, ethanol production has an energy balance of 8.8 MJ/L (Megajoules/liter) and (though they leave this number out of the article), ethanol has about 20 MJ/L (I don’t know why there is a range given in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_content_of_biofuel - is that from water contamination or other hydrocarbons being in the mix of ethanol bio fuel as opposed to lab grade ethanol?). Gasoline is around 47 MJ/L so if it took 92% of a gallon of gas to make a gallon of ethanol, you would definitely not have a positive energy balance (and I agree it is a stupid thing to do at scale at that point, unless you can argue for the reduced pollution at high altitude cities from the oxygenation effect of using ethanol as an additive is worth the extra gasoline consumed.

There was that 60 minutes piece a few months ago that looked promising for improving the efficiency of cellulosic ethanol and I believe the inventor (who had a scheme I never would have thought of - using electron guns to perforate the cell walls of the cellulose to make the biological process used to convert the material to ethanol work better) claimed it could with unused agricultural material supply up to 15 or 20% (I forget the number - it wasn’t half that’s for sure) of current oil consumption. Could be hype, but we’ll see. But even now it doesn’t seem like making ethanol from the current process is such a bad idea (most of it gong to oxygenated fuel I believe and it does help with smog).

@Trog, any thoughts on this?

I remember scenes like that sans salmon back in Indiana in the late 60s.

You should take a listen to the Kinks song “Apeman.”

As a matter of fact I’m a little lonesome for that one. I’m on my way.

I haven’t read it either. I’ve looked at the Off Fossil Fuel Act more closely which some here (including me I think, but I should wait until I’e read them both) think is better. Here are the links:

Green New Deal: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/109/text

Off Fossil Fuel Act: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/3671/text