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300+ Law Professors Agree: Congress Should 'Pass a Bill Tomorrow' to End Qualified Immunity for Police

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/02/300-law-professors-agree-congress-should-pass-bill-tomorrow-end-qualified-immunity


Yeah, “should” but will not, as Congress is complicit! Craven and complicit; tools of the status quo and the qualified impunity of depraved killer cops and their unions, brutality training, institutionalized racism, and intention provocation of violence will continue! Political power built over a century and longer controls the Congress! The Markey Bill, backed by Sanders and Warren may even see the light of day, but will die (or be murdered) in committee!

The business of militarized “law enforcement” and all the players, from cops to lawyers, plea deals & judges, to for-profit private prisons, and confiscations of property to benefit cops, to arms manufacturers profits and SWAT teams - will all continue…

An enormous criminal for-profit scam and tragedy perpetrated on the American people! We can be pretty damn sure the odious John Yoo, professor of law at Berkeley didn’t sign-on to this!

The public must continue to get out into the streets and demand action or the moment will pass like so many others and things will quiet-down and return to business as usual.

"The whole system is guilty as Hell"!



Wow! 300! Out of ~10,232 full-time and 17,021 part-time law professors in the US. Another fail.


Yep, 300+ Law Professors can’t be wrong about Police being "above the law."

Murder without consequences is still reserved for the military during war. Whether it’s manufactured or not.

But, like Emphyrio says above, fat chance the “Complicit Congress” will agree with Law Professors.

Might get to the point in the future where every citizen, every homeowner, must have an AK-47 for home defense.

From the Police.


Qualified Immunity repeal is an idea who’s time is long overdue. Rather than applying a “reasonable person” standard, the courts have repeatedly used it to split hairs and excuse police (and other government officials) behavior.

The jurisprudence has reached “angels on the head of a pint” status, where the government can kill people “by accident” destroy homes, shoot dogs, steal money, all because there isn’t a spot on exact case that said they couldn’t.

Worst of all, there’s no statutory authority for it - it’s entirely “judge made law” stemming from the dicta in a 1978 Supreme Court case, which they have refused to overturn, giving far too much precedence to the concept of stare decisis.

I think abolishing qualified immunity, together with curbing the power of police unions would go farther to reform policing in this country than any other changes we could make (other than, of course, eliminating the “free military equipment” I commented on in another thread…)


Better get it done before Biden/Harris vetoes it.


If this acts as a deterrent to average blue thug, then it’s welcome.
While they are at it, do the same for prosecutors.


while we’re at it, immunity for criminal misconduct needs to be revoked for prosecutors and judges, too, as there have been many instances of innocent defendants being wrongly convicted and wrongly kept in prison thanks to them. the headline news series DEATH ROW STORIES has highlighted several such instances, as have other sources. it seems the whole criminal ‘justice’ system is set up to facilitate frame ups, and resist doing the right thing.


Qualified immunity seems like a teachers “tenure” to me. Worthy or not, you get it.

I’m good with that. Qualified immunity for any goverment official should be abolished


Congress should have acted as soon as the Supreme Court case was decided. But, there was certainly no excuse for the great Obama/Holder duo from passing legislation to overrule the case once they had a veto-proof congress. Why didn’t they do it? Obama was too busy having a beer with a racist cop in the Whitehouse for show rather than doing something substantive. How many killer cops did they prosecute under federal law for killing unarmed men? None. Instead, they gave more military equipment to the police. Obama and the Dems had and have no more interest in prosecuting cops than the GOP. They both back the Establishment 100%.

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In a sane society, any prosecutor that deliberately withholds exculpatory evidence should be disbarred, and in death row cases,there should be significant jail time. There has to be SOME deterrent.


Perhaps they could serve the same time they made the other guy serve.

welcome, pith. they do a lot more than withhold exculpatory evidence, sometimes. a whole lot more. google ‘prosecutorial immunity’ and read a short article posted by the marshall society on it. they reward false testimony that helps them convict, and falsify evidence, among other reprehensible things. they can be real bastards, as can be judges, and not be held accountable. when such behavior puts someone on death row, that’s murder, or attempted murder. that’s what they should be charged with, and punished for.