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33 Groups Urge Biden to Hold Big Tech Accountable and Keep Industry Allies Out of His Administration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/33-groups-urge-biden-hold-big-tech-accountable-and-keep-industry-allies-out-his

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Anyone who thinks that Biden and his gang of neoliberal warmongers will respond to any of this are dreaming in Technicolor.


Yet and still it must be said out loud and insisted upon and marched to and circled around with compounded interest and focus each and every bid-net day.

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“… the pressure that President-elect Joe Biden is under to avoid a “corporate Cabinet” and instead appoint progressives champions to his administration…”

He’s under no pressure.

i hope Public Citizen, Code Pink, and every decent organization that thinks they are “pressuring” Biden, has a Plan B ready to roll out in January, when it becomes clear (it is already clear) that this form of “pressure” will have no effect.

What will Plan B be? What strategy and tactics will actually “pressure” Biden and the neoliberal corporate Democrats? It cant be just words. There have to be actions, organized actions, that disrupt business as usual and threaten profits and “stability” for the corporate profiteers (in the tech, war, finance and other key economic sectors) that bankroll Biden and the DNC.

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