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33 House Democrats Demand Resignation of U.S. Border Patrol Chief Over Secret Facebook Group

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/01/33-house-democrats-demand-resignation-us-border-patrol-chief-over-secret-facebook

Ripping children away from their parents and sticking them in cages without meals or clean water - - mentioned only as a footnote to the real scandal.

Typical of democrats, who voted to stop dealing weapons to KSA, but not because the Saudis were targeting school buses. They were perfectly fine with that, until Jamal Khashoggi was murdered.

Then again, this is only 33 democrats. I’m sure the other 202 called for Provost to resign months ago. After all, isn’t that part of Nancy’s job as House leader?

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A whopping 33? I guess the rest aren’t concerned about threats to the life of reps.

Man, talk about being exiled in your own party.


It’s just a little misunderstanding. She really had no idea. Really.

Add trump, his cabinet, and AG Barr to the list please.

Application for Border Patrol is short…

Are you a redneck racist jerk? Yes No

If yes, proceed to the human resources desk and take a ticket for an in person interview.


I needed that laugh; comment of the day. Sad that it’s funny because the hallmarks of ugly truth are embedded in it.


And thank you for getting that I’m not making the claim that 100% are racist jerks. But as a culture, Border Patrol is most certainly comprised of a majority of such folks. Non-redneck Californians know this to be very true from that lovely experience of having to pass through their realm at checkpoints.

Also, considering how much power they have in regard to their “extra Constitutional” enforcement powers, it’s a radically bad mix.

Edit…caught my typo of omitting an apostrophe in regard to its vs it’s Ode to Siouxrose wherever you are (and I mean that with a certain affection).

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Makes one wonder if BP members vie for that position or that the border is the island for unwanted toys.

Agreed. People don’t realize the extent of the so-called extra constitutional nature of the border patrol’s behavior, and the behavior of its union. Agents fought President Obama from the very beginning. Some progressives who like to talk about deportation under Obama miss the point that agents and their union thought he was too damn soft. They won’t be any better under any other more progressive Democratic President either. They’ll have a whole bunch of new Trumpist judges backing them too. Your joke really does have a lot of truth in it.

Which is why ICE needs to be disbanded.


They’re not exiled in their own party.

They consciously concluded that the big tent is a great place to make progressive noise in, and then shut up and let the Blue Dogs control the actual agenda.

Gotta love it when people on the left are blatantly mis-stating facts. First 80% of the BP are of Hispanic descent so there goes the racism theory, next the only reason there is a bunch of kids separated from their families is because the left pretty much advertised to people in south and central america " come on in…just say you’re seeking asylum and they’ll have to take you in", and of course that has turned into a friggin mess the likes of which this country has never before seen. Let’s not forget the child separation policy isn’t something started by President Trump, it was started by Obama, and NOBODY on the left was crying about it then. Finally, the ripples of this fk-up will be felt for years by american tax payers…so keep whining and trying to legitimize open borders and see what comes next. This country’s a mess thanks to the left who just couldn’t take being beaten down by Donald Trump.

Hey Redhorse, go cluck yourself you right wing dolt. 80%? I’ve read 50%, which is understandable since the BP redneck agency requires its rednecks, misogynists, and/or racists speak Spanish.

As for you Redhorse59, just take it easy on them thar immigrants you want to rough up. Rather stay the cluck away from the border so you don’t hurt someone, especially the kids.

I’ve posted many times about Obama’s detention and deportation of immigrants. Why the fuck weren’t you praising Obama then for deporting and detaining more immigrants than all other previous administrations?

The degree of family/child separation happening with this vile fascist jerk Trump Administration is far greater as a result of Trump Administration Policy through the redneck Sessions directive than any previous Administration.

Are you corn-fused yet? I know it’s hard to follow such complex issues and be corn-sistent on principle.

Any further response to your right wing idiocy isn’t worth the bother.

Cluck cluck cluck…burp.

Go satiate yourself at Breitbart, or some White Nationalist Facebook group.

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The very fact that such a facebook group exists gives lie to the idea of how ‘great’ America is.

Add that to the fact that we tolerate poverty by blaming it on the poor rather than the rich and many other instances and it’s hard to see just what we are patting ourselves on the back for.

One thing President Trump has done, he has revealed our ugly side. It has always been there and without great leadership it will not go away.

Our battle should not be against Russia or China; it should be a battle to become who we say we are.

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Amen, sister.