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330,000+ Sign Petition Calling on White House Press Corps to 'Stand Up and Fight Back' After Acosta Blacklisted


330,000+ Sign Petition Calling on White House Press Corps to 'Stand Up and Fight Back' After Acosta Blacklisted

Jon Queally, staff writer

An online petition is surging towards its goal of 350,000 signatures on Thursday as it called on members of the White House Press Association to stand in solidarity against the Trump adminstration's decision to strip credentials from CNN report Jim Acosta.


There is too many $$$$$$ for the MSM to really fight back; otherwise, if they were really serious, they would blacklist all media coverage of Trump and make the cable news networks coverage of Trump and Sarah Huckabee’s lying press CON/ferences irrelevant. Let the fascist news network F. NEWS HAVE IT ALL!


The press needs to demonstrate enough respect for their profession to stop prostituting themselves for Trump. Everyday it’s the same damned thing. Insult, diatribe, lunacy. The media have a responsibility NOT to amplify his antics and idiotic behavior when real news is happening that effects our lives in many ways every day. They have a responsibility to report the news. Trump is fake news. He is a lie. He is theatre. And his ratings have been in the tank since day one.


They didn’t stand up for Helen Thomas, but probably because Obama got rid of her the sneaky back door forced resignation way, not the fully transparent way.


“Don’t keep talking about what Trump wants to talk about. Stand up and fight back.”

Possibly the most critical thing. Could be said about ALL politicians now and in the past. ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS!


I would add: and ALL politicians!


Like any prostitute, as long as the presstitutes keep getting paid… they will not stop prostituting themselves for Trump!


" Sarah Huckabee Sanders was under fire for retweeting a doctored video of the incident"

Depending on the definition of doctored, the actions on the “doctored” video in the tweet don’t look any different than the ones on the CNN website video. He did apologize tho for pushing her.


Support CNN? Protest on behalf of Sessions?

Liberals are truly confused and an embarrassment to human intelligence, just the Conservatives.


It is interesting to remember that a real journalist remains imprisoned in London for publishing the crimes of the US and UK. You would think that, if there was a real journalism media in the US, they would be concerned with that. But not so much. Which just shows what hypocrites these so-called journalists really are. It’s all theater. Propaganda theater.


Sessions is the new mascot of the Resistance. CNN is their Thomas Paine.


Agreed. The term “investigative journalism” has become an oxymoron.


If they were serious, they would cover: 1. Health care disaster showing early deaths, bankruptcies and never ending suffering from lack of coverage. 2. Genocide in Yemen and Saudi Arabia murders and complete lack of human rights 3. The coming disaster of student debt 4. Climate catastrophe threatening all of us 5. Election fraud by both parties 6. Endless wars and totally unnecessary military spending and and and …Feel free to add whatever, it is a very long list!


History repeating itself:


Oh a Petition? Then what? This fake dick-tater has been over the line yet nobody does a damned thing about it. Everyday is another shit show with everyone allowing him to break the law anytime he wants. Like he said,” He can walk down 5 th ave, shoot someone, and get away with it.” Peaceful Protests are a waste of time, in case you have not noticed.


Also, we have become cowards and are afraid to fight for our rights. They know this… thats why they are winning.


Thanks for that one!


Talk like this is not helpful. You need to stand up for all press not your or my favorite sources.


“It [Trump’s candidacy] may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”
–Les Moonves, then CEO of CBS, Feb., 2016.

Kinda says it all…


That’s a good point. It goes with ‘first they came for the…’
You know the rest.