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330,000+ Sign Petition Calling on White House Press Corps to 'Stand Up and Fight Back' After Acosta Blacklisted


The MSM says it is a “free press” but what their agenda is and has been, for at least the last century, is the Fourth Estate is the free press for, and nothing but free to be fawning parasites for the Fourth Reich. Excellent list!


My post was not meant to be helpful…it was meant to be truthful!


which is why most of the people who want to go out and march for sessions and CNN have been screaming for Assange’s head on a plate ever since he irritated the storm troops of the Red Queen.

Such is the state of the Upside Down.


Comment from Michael Tracey:


That’s pure BS.
There are plenty of investigative journalists at work and if you are unaware of them then it’s your fault.


While you are correct, my hope is that with a Democratic controlled Congress perhaps decent Americans will finally stand up knowing someone (maybe) has their back.


Best comment here. Also, members of both political parties wanted to send a letter to the President of Ecuador threatening him if he did not hand over Assange, which shows that both political parties disregard the first amendment, or the entire Bill of Rights and Constitution for that matter.


Touché!!! Thank you!


I was speaking “generally”, jackass!!!


Really? Jim Acosta? One of the most indefensible talking heads out there, and this is where you want to stand “your” ground?


Thanks for that — Well spoken!


For the love of God, do it. Boycott those gong shows, and with the free time you’ll have, start giving the American public, and the rest of us outside your borders, some real journalism. Up here in Canada we are so tired, bored and fed up with all the media attention being given to a public figure who makes a mockery of freedom of speech.

It would be such a blessing if we did restrict his coverage to a screen showing his latest tweets…not having to look at his nasty countenance would be such a gift…coming as it does just at the beginning of the Christmas season.

More Santa…less Trump. We’re on.


Couldn’t agree more. Perhaps we should start a people’s campaign. Boycott the Liar or we’ll boycott you. There’s lots of good alternative news we could turn to until MSM got their act together and agreed to stop covering BS.


In 1501 Pope Alexander VI issued a Bill against the unlicensed printing of books and in 1559 the Index Expurgatorius, or List of Prohibited Books, was issued for the first time, In response to the rise of the printing press, and the supposed heresies it purportedly helped spread.

The Index Expurgatorius was administered by the Roman Inquisition, but enforced by local government authorities, and went through 300 editions. Amongst others, it banned or censored books written by René Descartes, Giordano Bruno, Galileo Galilei, David Hume, John Locke, Daniel Defoe, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, and other Enlightenment-era authors and figures.

Areopagitica”, published in 1644, was John Milton’s defense of free speech and free expression of ideas.
In it Milton wrote “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.”.

John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty”, published in 1859, became a classic defence of the right to freedom of expression. Mill argued that truth drives out falsity, therefore the free expression of ideas, true or false, should not be feared.

What do you fear, Herr Trump?


Somebody remind the putz commander in Chief that he is a guest in the house not the owner. He is the guest at the good will of the American people. Let’s see what kind of spine the American press corps has. Let’s not count Fox propaganda, it is a given that they are sycophants. If our national press bends on this we are doomed to learn foreign languages and read foreign press, Le Soleil, Le Figaro Paris Match. And please, please somebody monitor Fox propaganda the right arm of Disney.


Where is the petition? I want to sign it!


Found it!!!


If every journalist ate garlic bbq’d beans before press conferences, they could fart their questions at the president in unison.


I am sure most people in the USA aren’t sitting around talking about these people- rather we’re living our lives and adding up how we’re going to pay the bills. These rich one percenters are irrelevant and do not contribute to society.


Yes, Common Dreams News, BBC, DW and other sources.