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330,000+ Sign Petition Calling on White House Press Corps to 'Stand Up and Fight Back' After Acosta Blacklisted


Yes, this is one upside down cake- let’s see protesting over a racist who was just kicked out of government- I suppose it was the way it was done.


We did have a dem congress, house, and they NEVER had our backs. Instead they bailed out Wall Street.


The dems as of January will have a slight edge ( not much) in the House- they actually lost seats in the Senate. Dem controlled- what rock have you been hiding under? Also, the supreme court is now controlled by right winged theocrats. And Pence has the tie breaker vote- don’t forget that.


Individually no, but collectively yes. Otherwise we would not even had a global recession.


While some progressives have been voted into office they are a minority and will
be told to sit down and STFU as the DINOs plea" team spirit" as they allow the GOP and
TPTB to gut our country and the American people. I am thrilled that some progressives
and Democrats got voted into office, but change for the better will be slow and fought against
every step of the way.


You send a Pit Bull White House employee to forcefully grab the Mike from a reporters hand and the reporter is suppose to apologize??

If you cannot handle the tough questions coming from the Press Corp you do not deserve to be our Leader.

The question was: Mr. Prez why are you referring to poor hungry frightened refugees as an Invasion Force??

If we listen to our Bigoted President we should send in the Tanks and the 101st Airborne Division to repel these dangerous Migrants.

I am ashamed to be an American under the Trump Administration.


Please go dark on Commander Putz and his Huckster. And please somebody monitor Fox Propaganda and call out their massive bent news. The more Peroxide blond they are the more blatantly dishonest. Shame on the owners of this Mafia style junk. By the way there is no such thing as neo-Nazis or Neo-fascist. You are a Nazis or a Fascist. Sympathizer? No, and there is no “nice” way to reason with these people. They view logic and reason as a weakness. Do not turn your back on them. As Hitler proved they are vile and dangerous and to those who have forgotten this history shame. Read Mein Kampf. I suspect Stephen Miller has memorized every ugly sentence of the thing. It is abundantly obvious that Jim Acosta was blind sided. Trump knew going in what he was going to do.


That was a girl trying to grab his mic. I guess we would have another conversation if she wasn’t a Trump minion. Something about patriarchy and the abuse of women. But hey, she’s a Trump minion hence doesn’t matter.

How about Acosta stop slapping White House interns and let other reporters ask questions.

As for the migrant “caravan”, the US is about the only place in the world where we are wringing our hands about stopping illegal border jumpers.


The protests were in support of Mueller, not Sessions, you twit!


Oh, quit whining and PUSH BACK, dammit.