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34 State Attorneys General Urge Trump to End 'Outrageous' Gilead Monopoly on Covid-19 Drug

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/34-state-attorneys-general-urge-trump-end-outrageous-gilead-monopoly-covid-19-drug

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Gilead’s corporate motto? “Your money, or your life!”


There is much more to this than mentioned here, see Common Dreams yesterday, "Watchdog demands to know if maker is sitting on possible Covid 19 treatment for patent and profit concerns. "

Here is the essence of it:
“It is unclear why Gilead and federal scientists have not been pursuing GS-441524 as aggressively as remdesivir, but the answer may be found in the corporation’s patent holdings,” the group said. "Gilead holds patents on both agents, but the earliest patent approval date on remdesivir is 2015, whereas the earliest on GS-441524 is 2010. As a result, the corporation’s monopoly over remdesivir may last five years longer than that for GS-441524, allowing Gilead to make substantially greater profits from the sale of remdesivir as a COVID-19 treatment.

It turns out the GS0441524 may actually be better in a number of ways. So the plot thickens-and sickens.

Obviously we all just cows to be milked for our cash. J.P. Morgan the robber baron banker had a good quote that is apt description of how things still work in the rerun of the Gilded Age, “The public, the public be damned.”


Similar action should be taken for ALL drugs for which the American taxpayers are investors. The patents rightfully belong to us!


AMEN!!  And don’t forget the drugs on which patents have expired . . .

Also from yesterday’s “WatchDog” article:

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Gilead had a similar licensing arrangement for Tamiflu, back in the swine flu era. And the Chairman of the Board of Directors back then was Donald Rumsfeld! About as blatant an example of crony capitalism as you could ever find. Looks like things haven’t changed much.


Given the over $70 million in public funding, any drug or vaccine must be public property and distributed free of charge. We cannot accept monopolies, patents or bilking for such a drug in a pandemic and those who try should be jailed.


"This is not the time for any company to extract large corporate profits from uninsured and underinsured Americans."

So tell U.S. dear sub-header writer and editor in chief at COMMON DREAMS, when is it the time for any company to extract large corporate profits from insured or uninsured Amurrikinfolk? Like Noam C. sez: These years of shrinking the fairly paid working class down to microbial remnants of the most productive work force in recorded history coincide with the substitution of a set of socio-E-CONomic policies and doctrines we can’t even call by name over the broadcast air waves of our Freedom of Speech loving if misled by Weapons of Mass Distraction imagi-Nation. Call these years since the Lewis Powell Memo and Nixon’s naming of never a judge Powell, ever a monopolist scale robber baron lobbyist Powell to the U.S. Supreme Court which was approved by a Democratic majority congress, call this Revolution That Was Not Televised but concentrated wealth into fewer hands and unfettered global capital accounts what academics the world over who are free to analyze and participate in public discussion over Public Interest air-waves named this last half-century: the Plague of Neo-Liberal E-CON.

Here is its weaponizing High Priest and his federally contracted University of Chicago E-CON Disciples who shrunk Big Government social safety nets while deepening the U.S. national debt and concentrating so much of that wealth into our Wage Stag-Nation’s biggest socialist insitution, the Military via privatized Daddy Warbucks off-shore reserve currency bank secrecy protected accounts while investing a modest sum in Wall Street and London, those archetypes of responsible Anglo-Saxon HIgh FInance…
Milton Friedman propagates HIS SMASHING OF THE ROBBER BARON MYTH (there never were any robber barons) and so patiently and persistently explains on federal contract why GREED IS GOOD:

Iconoclast or Propagator of Golden Calf? Study up on the Washington created and funded MIGHTY WURLITZER of gray, black and white propaganda: ttps://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/08/17/wur1-a17.html

Study it against the historical record official and indie, sharpen yer critical thinking skills and evaluate how well these weaponized Cold War propaganda doctrines and Big Lies masquerading as Classical Liberal E-CONomic doctrines has served U.S. or how well the rest of the PERMA AUSTERITY PERMA WAR E-CON DEBTS NO HONEST NATION OR PERSON CAN PAY policy outcomes that have flowed from these deadly doctrines of Neo-Liberal E-CON embraced so lustily by Daddy Warbucks Neo-CONS…

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I’m guessing these Attorney’s General don’t understand why Gilead was awarded the monopoly for COVID 19 treatment. This is the real reason Trump ran for office in the first place, a massive pay-off.


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