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35,000 Hit Streets of Berlin to Demand Agricultural Revolution


35,000 Hit Streets of Berlin to Demand Agricultural Revolution

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Organizers said 35,000 people marched through the streets of the German capital on Saturday to say they're "fed up" with industrial agriculture and call for a transformation to a system that instead supports the welfare of the environment, animals, and rural farmers.


This information may sound encouraging at first glimpse. At second look it is not. There are approx. 630.000 farms is Germany. Only a fraction of those farmers participated in today’s demonstration. The reason: Just as in the US German farmers are heavily subsidized by German government and have a strong lobby in politics…


We’re finishing an off-grid and no fuel greenhouse for growing hot-weather vegetables in Rhode Island all winter. Every last one of your governments without one known exception doesn’t give two dirty looks at the technological revolution side because they are all in current profit’s pocket, but I care.

We have a huge linear trough reflector wall, made out of glass mirrors and wood. It focuses about 5 times normal sunshine into a long receiving window. Our particular greenhouse happens to be 20 feet long.

On the inside, the concentrated sunlight spreads back out and lands on the plant racks. It’s essentially direct sunlight all day plus extra reflected sunlight on the back sides of the plants, for more energetic plant growth rates.

Because we only have that one window and 90% of the greenhouse is well-insulated, it might be ten days of solid overcast before the greenhouse can ever get down to freezing. If such a forecast is actually seen in our lifetime, we’ll put curtains over the windows.

We use a primitive active solar technology to store the afternoon heat in the greenhouse. A small photovoltaic panel and an attic gable fan will blow hot air through rocks underneath the plant racks, whenever the sun shines.

The windows weep copious amounts of water inside the greenhouse. They cry, they bawl their eyes out. Alone of all the greenhouses in the world, this greenhouse has no humidity issues in the winter!

Boy is this greenhouse cheap. And kind of sweaty! But, that’s what air vents are for.


I cannot imagine a protest like this happening in the corporate media-induced dumbed down USA.




How much power does big ag have. The UK Guardian calls anyone that is against GMO’s extremists. They cite some report to say people who are anti GMO have no knowledge of science. I have never once seen an article in this paper reporting the fact that GMO’s now have resistant weeds and bugs. In fact according to The Union of Concerned Scientists GMO’s don’t perform that well.

Failure to Yield article 

The book “seeds of deception” reveals the evils of monsanto and their gmo programme. Thankyou for your information on the uselessness (and harmfulness) of manmade idiocies.


Excellent!!! Love the sun reflector innovation.


Can I come and visit to see how this is constructed?

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I agree…Our Rallies pale in comparison to other countries. Americans are a sad & cowardly bunch, who have no problem peacefully scavaging scraps from any corrupt leader or politician’s hand out. How can people Not fight back when they have nothing more to lose? Govt workers living paycheck to paycheck in a so called Booming Economy? This proves people are having a very tough time. Every one I speak to is. We can’t even come together on Global Warming, an Extinction Event that should be priority number one, besides getting rid of Trump and All of his Thugs.

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They… have their own Immigration problem. Why is it so difficult to get a proper process in play when it’s already been done with our grand parents generation arriving at Ellis Island? We are all Immigrants.

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I’m reminded that in the land of the agribusiness miracle - Brazil 75% of food on the table is grown by small holder farms. You guys are the wave of the future, creative and - hey, saunas have their place too!



Sounds utterly wonderful,. Paul.

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From an American perspective, this is pretty nearly 35,000 out in front–not that there are no alternative farmers in the US, only that they are not on the streets.

I am surprised and encouraged. It leaves a long way to go, but that’s not news.


While one may not know the science behind it, anyone who has been paying attention definitely knows there are a lot of problems with GMO’s. From plants resistant to insects whose pollen is killing off whole populations of bees, soon an endangered species. to unwanted propagation into neighboring fields leading to lawsuits destroying farmers economically. Also seed control leading to mono-culture and limited variety. probably a lot more.


Greene School, West Greenwich, RI. Also see www.klinkmansolar.com

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China has yet to go through a corporate farming phase, though I feel it is coming. Farming is still done in small plots and on terraces, possibly because their mostly hilly land was carefully partitioned this way for water conservation and family divisions long ago.
Local open markets are another institution that the west could benefit from. Everywhere I’ve been in China, there is an open air veggie/fresh meat/live fish and poultry market within walking distance. Open markets are easier for small farmers to sell to because of less overhead.