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35 Peace Groups Demand Congress Protect Public From Nuclear 'Bomb Threat' Trump


35 Peace Groups Demand Congress Protect Public From Nuclear 'Bomb Threat' Trump

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President's "bellicose rhetoric and reckless actions pose a clear and present danger to national security," groups tell lawmakers.



Congress has abdicated that Constitutional responsibility. What could be more of an American domestic enemy than Trump! A mentally, dysfunctional man that belongs in an mental institution that has his hands on the nuclear button and says things like: my button is bigger than yours!


The democratic process in the US has been and continuous to be violated courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats(!) The unadulterated fascism we’re experiencing now in America comes to no surprise…


Remember that macho language helped get him into office with the “deplorables.”


Yes, apathy and more caring for a cell phone. As long as my 401 K is doing well - well you get it.


Since we’re all here, thankfully, I’ll touch lightly on the heavy subject of nuclear war. During the “Cuban missile crisis” president Kennedy stood up to his generals and the joint chiefs that wanted to launch a first strike attack against the Soviet Union after supplying Castro with medium range nuclear missiles. This is probably the closest we came to an all out conflagration which, most likely, would have extinguished the human species along with a lot of other higher lifeforms. To uses bellicose language on such a dangerous subject belies Mr Trump’s ignorance on such dangerous matters. Can we count on generals, that are trained in war, not peace, to stop Mr Trump from doing the unspeakable? Especially on a small state as N Korea endangering millions or billions of lives if things get out of hand. I remember the ‘crisis’, I was 8, and my parents were in a state that I couldn’t quite figure out till later in my life. We certainly don’t need Mr Trump continuing down this dark, dangerous path.


There are indeed peace groups, they’ve just been marginalized and ignored by corporate media. Antiwar.com is a good place to start. There are others too, one just needs to look for them on the web. The peaceful pacifists are in the big minority though or so it seems to me anyway. America is a nation of warriors promoted in the most blatant fashion throughout our society and government.


When they did away with the draft, the young chose to direct their energies into less political areas.

They no longer felt threatened.


There certainly is that.


Until we can break the hold of militarism on our nation, fixing it is futile.


Being ignored by the corporate media is no reason to remain passive, as groups like ANSWER have been throughout the Obama and Trump administration.


I agree. Until millions of Americans wake up from their brainwashing and realize that America is, and has been, for a long time, a military dictatorship wolf, wrapped in the sheep’s clothing of being a democracy…fixing it is indeed futile.


well, too many people, still have something to loose… just wait… OF COURSE… it will be too late…


If one ponders it long enough, like a few seconds, it is truly terrifying.


Glad to see this, but it isn’t just the orange moron we need to focus on. As a I recently wrote. experts including Gilbert Doctorow, Veterans for Intelligence Sanity and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (interviewed) agree that the neocon cabal in power for decades is pushing for far with Russia and Iran. We need not be distracted by phony neocon n narratives and the distraction of the fool on the hill but to demand the purging of the CIA-Neocon insanity, a move away from international aggression and a foreign policy based on global cooperation.


Hopefully initiating a nuclear war is not as easy as one person, maybe just in an angry mood simply pushing buttons, if it is, that should be changed asap. A better idea might be to have a group of experienced, stable altruistic generals entrusted with such a grave decision in both nations involved in a dispute.


As long as there is a marriage between the corporate world and the military there will be no changes.


Yes! I am not an alarmist, but in my view, if Trump doesn’t terrify you, then you are either an evangelical idiot or have not been paying attention!