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350.org’s Bill McKibben Responds to Right Wing Group’s Plans to Target Climate Activists with Trackers and Video Cameras



It is a mistake for people to consider fascism as being only a dictator or military coup. There is a fascistic element in society who understand that they will benefit from the fascistic policies that are opposed by freedom loving people. This an example of that where in a proto-fascistic surveillance state, private individuals and groups embrace the fascistic surveillance mentality and seek to impose it on others. They do not respect someone's privacy or freedom, these groups are the fascistic element in a society that encourages and supports the eventual rise of a dictator.

So we see that in a surveillance state how long did it take before those with the power and resources take that surveillance to the next level? Unregulated surveillance. Illegal surveillance? Is this different from stalking?

What is being done to McKibben is likely going to be done (is being done) to many others. This is fascistic behavior and we should all be warned. In our technological society fascism becomes easy to do long before the dictator takes over. We may create an fascistic oligarchy of corporate rule that is without the classical dictator.

Fascism in all but name is still fascism.