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36 Senators Join Calls for Presidential Debates to Address Planetary Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/36-senators-join-calls-presidential-debates-address-planetary-emergency

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It does no good to ask government institutions or media institutions or corporate institutions to alter their practices UNLESS WE SIMULTANEOUSLY DEMAND STRUCTURAL CHANGES.

Calling on leaders to change their behavior while ignoring the structural conditions that ENCOURAGE that behavior is counterproductive. It leads people to think that “something is being done,” while the root causes of social decay continue unimpeded.

Hey Senator Markey, get a clue: You must advocate for the separation of big money and politics. Without that separation, nothing else you advocate for will happen. MONEY IN POLITICS IS THE CAUSE OF ALL THE ROT. CUT OUT THE CAUSE, AND ELIMINATE THE ROT.

Hello. Again. The D and R parties are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS. Has Senator Markey addressed this problem? Has he addressed the inherent problem of a PRIVATE CORPORATION doing the political bidding of other private corporations, to the detriment of the People? Hello? Hello? Isn’t this obviously the crux of the problem? If Markey is so concerned about the terms of the goddamn “debate,” then why hasn’t he condemned his party’s leadership, and their disgusting habit of formulating policies on the basis of systemic bribery??? Hello? Is the dude really that clueless?


We need a movement to put the League of Women Voters back in control of the Debates.
Networks must provide free air time (no commercials) as a public service in order to keep their license.

Until that happens, it’s just KABUKI

but good on Markey and the 36


Hell, I’d be satisfied with any old league of humans. Could be women, could be men, could be transgender, could be intersexed, just so long as they’re humans and not the corporate predators that run the DC show


Put it on C-Span so no commercial interests and give third parties access. When was the last time a new idea was expressed at one of these dog and pony shows?

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CSPAN = Cable
Too many people don’t have cable. Has to be over the airwaves, on the traditional 3


if we’re going to be delusional we might as well go all the way to the LOWV


But the traditional three will then control the moderators and also want to sell commercial air time. The FCC could force them to offer air time as a public service but when was the last time the FCC did its job?

Well no. In the past the LOWV controlled the questions and the debate moderation not the networks.
Re the FCC: we are just pipe dreaming here. It’s less likely that the LOWV is given control of the debates than it is for the FCC to force ‘public service’ on the networks, so…

Yes MissGirl…Global Warming, or rather Global Superheating is upon us from the forest-fires of the Amazon-Siberia- West USA Coast… to the melting poles North & South…to rapid change to Blue Water Arctic Ocean…to the melting permafrost and Methane Dragon being released…oh so much more than global warming is at stake here… we are in the process of a collapsing life support system… oh yes we are…yes…Corporate News distracts, deceives until, and until we awaken, oh y es… awaken we must… for our Titanic is rapidly sinking and the ones who are aware must prepare as there are no life boats away from here, for even places like New Zealand will not escape…

Hi RazedAwareness:
I wonder how quickly humans can morph into being moIe people who live under dirt mounds—like termites. Shunning the sunlight and living off of roots of the still remaining living environment-----and then?
If China could bring back blue and clear skies when they had the Olympics— I wonder how long it would take for the Earth to return to breathable air? If oil companies were forced to clean up their messes----how soon would water be drinkable? But —sigh---- fear of loss always brings wars-----and the planet really can’t take much more of this and survive. : (

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stardustlBID:…you may be interested in a book, Great Waves of change by M.Summers… it will take over a 1000yrs to restore this planet from the damage wrought by humanity…
This passage may also resonate with you:
“Great Upheaval is underway in the world, an Upheaval that will manifest itself in many ways—in the growing fragility and difficulty in nations’ economies; the declining resources of the world and the impact that that will have on nations and peoples everywhere; the natural disasters that will increase because humanity has changed the climate of the world; and the loss of food production and arable lands as humanity has squandered its natural inheritance.”… from .“The Upheaval”…Marshall Summers

This performance is nothing but a circus to entertain the masses. The only reason to watch it, is if you enjoy counting stupid slips made by the other team. My guy is less stupid than your guy. And he has funnier one-liners too.


It’s worse than that.

SPINELESS Democrats Won’t Fight for the Supreme Court!

We should be thankful that we have the science that can detect the climate problems we have. Without that science we get the republican response. Nothing happening here.

Hi RazedAwareness:
"THE UPHEAVAL, " by Marshall Summers—this sounds like a great read due to the timing of the subject matter. Thank you. : )

U have no idea!.. Most Welcome!