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365 Days and 605 Armored Military Vehicles Later: Police Militarization a Year After Ferguson


365 Days and 605 Armored Military Vehicles Later: Police Militarization a Year After Ferguson

Kanya Bennett

Last August Ferguson and Fallujah had a lot in common. Those protesting the death of Michael Brown were met with “armored vehicles, noise-based crowd-control devices, shotguns, M4 rifles like those used by forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, rubber-coated pellets and tear gas.” The scene looked more like a forei


What the hell would bayonets be used for? We all talk about fascism but mostly it is the rising surveillance state and ‘secret law’ warrantless intrusion on the net and worse but we never consider the jack boot fascism as real for America.

Well we didn’t before but maybe we should start! Are these not military units except in name and paycheck? Military weapons - military uniforms - military attitude?

We have met the enemy and it is … hey wait a minute that’s no enemy that’s my grandmother! Don’t shoot!

Are we the enemy now? Are ordinary citizens who maybe have a grievance the enemy to these folks? Bring a tank or armored vehicle to a Raging Grannies protest next?

Are the people of - for, by and of the people the enemy now to those who are no longer for… no longer by… and no longer of the people?

“Son, I don’t want you out tonight the streets are dangerous!”

“Aw Mama, I’m a big boy those gangs don’t bother me! I’m just going to mail this letter.”

“Fuck the gangs you twit! The police have got tanks on the street tonight!. Dropping a letter in a mailbox might look suspicious to them.”


The military industrial complex owned by former and yet to be defense industry CEO’s and management. Miliary industrial industry which is for profit for the contractors we the taxpayer hires and their bosses are former military or yet to be military. It all is a circle jerk and we taxpayers get screwed. It is fascism, corporations own our military and call the shots.


These are police. Civilian police. They should not be a military… but they are being made into one it seems.


Three years before Ferguson, DHS coordinated attacks by militarized local police on Occupy Wall Street protesters all over America.

Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

But DHS can use the militarized local police to unleash pepper spray, tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets, wooden pegs, “bean bags”, paint gun bullets loaded with toxic substances … etc etc …


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Just as the “War on Terror” serves as a ruse for attacking foreign lands in wars planned well before the Necessary (false flag) trigger, the “War on Drugs” was put in place to criminalize any segment of the population deemed a problem to elites as they increasingly work covertly to control more and more aspects of human life.

While the subject is heard amongst the right-leaning radio cognoscenti, there certainly IS evidence of a protocol known as Jade Helm which is intended to practice urban warfare inside actual U.S. communities and rural towns.

This is insidious and it violates Posse Comitatus, as does the militarization of domestic police departments.

All of these things produce a Nazi-like climate of intimidation, use of excess macho force, and draconian attacks on Civil Liberties.

How many people who are over 50 can believe what’s happened to this country and how far it’s fallen from its stated ideals… not to mention, established laws and Civil Liberties?


Most police actions involve drug interdiction. End conservative’s War on Drugs and end most police actions.

Conservatives make police the enemy of the people.


The author continuously mentions the “Obama Administration” over and over again, hoping for more. That’s the problem. Obama is a genius in always throwing a few crumbs to people to keep them silent and satisfied. It has happened over and over again, yet too many are still hoping for him to do more.


It was the Obama Administration who dismantled OWS via the militarized police all over the country. The conservatives were just spewing nonsense, but the order came from the Democratic White House.


Would Republicans in the White House have been more democratic?


Fascism may extend to conservative Democrats, but Republicans have a monopoly on it. Watch the debates?


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Let me suggest that you don’t condemn Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or any progressive Democrats in the PDA in your scorched earth campaign:


Our military cannot use tear gas in combat! It falls under chemical weapons banned for warfare by the Geneva Conventions, yet local amerikan police departments disperse it liberally against peaceful protesters! You’ve got to wonder how long it will be before they start using white phosphorous and cluster munitions against amerikan citizens?


We elect politicians to represent us and ensure constitutional protections. But politicians are now bought and sold by corporate powerbrokers and no one is left to mind the store for everyday Americans. In a democracy, when our elected officials have essentially gone AWOL, isn’t it then left to the citizens of this country to protect our constitutional rights?