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4 Reasons the Corporate Media Refuses to Talk About Things That Matter


4 Reasons the Corporate Media Refuses to Talk About Things That Matter

Thom Hartmann

The media recently was all over Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for calling Donald Trump a “m@therf*cker” in the context of wanting to impeach him. It got lots and lots of coverage, over a period of several days, while the really big work the Democrats were doing in the House is largely ignored, along with most other consequential issues of the day.


I say we kill this motherfucker right here. This system has to be killed before it kills us all. I mean how much can (we the people) take before we explode in fury and fire?. When will enough be enough AMERICA?.


“restore to America a rational media landscape”

Ah yes, when would that have been???


Again one of those myopic and partisan articles suggesting the Media helping the Republicans along as it ignores those hard working committed to the people Democrats that just want to make things better.

Watch an hour of Rachel Maddow and her fixation on Trump and Russia gate or how MSNBC and CNN are dragging out all those talking heads so as to keep the wars going in Syria , Afghanistan and Iraq and tell me these people support a “progressive vision”.

Both MSNBC and CNN were pushing to get Hilary elected so how has that anything to do with the Republicans?

Mr Hartmann is quite correct in claiming the Media just backs the Corporate message. He is being disingenous to even IMPLY that the Democratic Party , run by that DNC and its Corporate friendly Politicians is any different.


Corporate Media has been a fail since Bush and his WMDs… Please see if you can find some film of that Colin Powell guy—then turn off the sound and watch his face and his body----- and in a nano second you’ll see that is body is screaming ,“I’M LYING.” People need to turn off the sound more often and watch what the body tells and-------- OMG----it’s scary because the words are not matching with what the body is silently screaming out. : 0


You lost me when you started praising the highly paid propagandist Rachel Maddow. Oh my, she’s a “liberal,” which isn’t anything I’d be proud of. She totally covered for the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, demeaned Bernie Sanders and his supporters, and started playing the “Russiagate” card to the exclusion of any kind of fair and reasonable coverage that includes criticism of both parties and their members in Congress. No thanks, I can’t stand her. She’s no Keith Olbermann and I’m pretty sure she’s one of the people who helped screw him over at MSNBC.


The only reason corporate ‘news’ exists is to make a profit. Real news isn’t even on the agenda, only profit. Occasionally I’ll watch the morning network ‘news’ shows to see what’s trending. The only thing that can pass muster as real news are domestic stories about, usually, national tragedies, such as storm damage or traffic pile- ups with multiple deaths. I could care less about Royal baby broods in the UK or who is beating their women. Granted this is terrible indeed but really; who cares? It’s not news worthy of national attention.


Mark Twain’s 19th century admonition that “people who don’t read newspapers are uninformed while those who do are misinformed” has been found to apply to subsequent mass media including radio, TV and internet. As Hartman points out that most reforms to media were eliminated by Reagan, with Clinton’s 1996 telecom decriminalization being the final blow.

Twain was a newspaper editor when he made that statement.


So, let’s just join with the Trumpster Revolution and start burning crosses on lawns, again? Being N/A with The Duopoly doesn’t mean we have to allocate our mental resources to the pure insanity of Trumpism & the GOP.


Recently re-watched an interview of Lawrence Wilkerson (Powell’s Chief of Staff) by Paul Jay on The Real News Network via YouTube. I’ve known this but he stated that he Is a life long Republican (Old School). He said that, his Dad (also a Republican) told him many years ago that the Left wing might bankrupt you but you can at least recover from that. You really have to watch out for the Right wing,they’ll kill you. Profound words from an Eisenhower Republican.


The reason you guys got Trump in the first place is because people got tired of the phony hope and change that the Democrats were offering.

Had there been LEGITIMATE Progressives in among those Democrats Trump would never have become President. Going back to what brought you Trump will just bring another Trump. 50 percent of US Citizens do not vote for a reason and it not because they closet Republicans.


Hey Tom, you didn’t mention the Powell Memorandum. It outlines the neoliberal agenda in 1971 that the ruling class has implemented ever since. Having a docile, indoctrinated and overworked population is what the ruling class wants.


Great point. Chomsky has actually made a similar point: a lot of working class people don’t consume “the news” at all. It’s more educated people, middle and upper middle class - they are the ones who consume most of the propaganda. Professionals are the worst.


You guys? So, you live in Canada? Well, your gov’t has a lot to answer for. One word from history for you pipeline pushers, OKA .
If you’re not from Canada, then you’re probably from England? Two words for you, pogue mehone.
If you think I voted for Hillary, sorry. BUT, despise her all you want, she got 3 million more votes than your Trump candidate. Read it and weep.


Corporate media does not discuss issues in any reasonable way because they are beholden in a mission-critical way to their sources of news: government and business. They can offer slop to a portion of the population, mostly elders who were heavily accustomed to television in our youths or early adulthoods.

But the best press that anyone has seen exists right here, on the Web. It just exists alongside every other sort of rot. You have to learn to toss aside the bad fruit, like Grandma did.

But it’s good that it’s all out here, because you sure cannot get it from TV or newspapers, not even to the very modest extent that we could in the days that Thom Hartmann writes about.

We know the shadow government, the deep state, and the companies are all gunning to control that, right?


In reading that the name Paul Wellstone popped into my mind.


Are you assuming that the votes were tabulated fairly? She might of had even more of a lead in total votes. But then why assume that the third party votes were tabulated accurately . . .


I think Thom Hartmann makes excellent points, but he’s a Boomer and is missing one massive point. Younger generations are not, and will not be, consuming their news from television or mainstream news media outlets. Increasingly, households do not have television. In these households, it’s questionable how much influence mainstream news media outlet holds. Also, younger generations are getting burned by the materialism that Boomers pushed and will question it, especially once they have children and won’t have the salaries to support all the bells and whistles.

Older generations bought and read newspapers. Today, I question how many under 50 do. Oh they’ll read free newspapers that are distributed on public transportation and then, of course, you’ll see all the fluff news that Thom Hartmann mentioned.

Yes, I agree with Chomsky that a lot of working class people do not consume ‘news’ at all. That’s been the case since the 17th-century when many broadsheets and news were being disseminated through print. Many of the working-class in the 17th-century prefered the pulp fiction and all the tales about witchcraft, comets, etc. being disseminated through print instead to the ‘actual’ news which was distorted then too. Public education is supposed to play a role here and counter this pulp fiction mentality, but I tend to think John T. Gatto might be on the mark with saying public education merely serves to produce a generation of workers subservient to capitalism and capitalist industrialists who do not fundamentally question them or the economic system.


Probably around the same time as that democracy they are always talking about restoring.


Whether you get your propaganda from the “news” or Hollywood, the end result is the same.
They are not even trying to hide the complete capture of Hollywood anymore as the dod (along with most of the alphabet soup agencies) have officially listed departments whos only purpose is to “interface” with Hollywood.
The dod has an entire department which does nothing but write and edit scripts for movies and tv.
The CIA has partly financed (and most likely edited the script) of some of the largest blockbusters these past years, including both the Ironman and The Avengers franchises.