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4 Reasons the Corporate Media Refuses to Talk About Things That Matter


Hi Devoid: It seems that Mr. Wilkerson was right----the right wing ( including some Dems ) has been killing us and the world since WMDs. : (


Or as my wife pointed out, since WWII. They bankrupt you, steal all of your money, art, dignity, then kill you.


…Rachel Maddow?? Seriously Hartmann , she hasn’t gotten over the destruction of the Hildebeast yet. She,like all media hired hands is beholden to their zionist owners. All news must be filtered through an Israeli filter before passing it on to the masses. War and weapons is a very profitable business model so agit prop will continue ad eternum.


another reason why H W Bush and the rapist were buddies.


Do you know, wlawlor, where your notion of a “Hildebeast” comes from? The Russians! Yes I’m saying you are gullible.


Hm…can’t help but wonder who writes movies like “Avatar;” where corporations and the military are vilified for their capitalistic, industrialized views of life and Nature. I cry every time I watch Avatar.

Also, all the movies recently about catastrophic “end of the world” scenarios prevail–what is the purpose of those? Seems to me they’re warnings that we better start getting our act together.


Pondered the same. Notice how even the most venal pieces of s*** are rendered safe for consumption, in the film about Cheney and his wrecking crew. What a waste of time, talent and money. Instead of being perennially ignored, they are re-vivified for the sake of (yet again) profit.


Good point–PROFIT! It’s sort of like…well, a lot of people know what’s going on…so why not just tell the truth! Tell it like they think it is! That way, lot’s of people flock to see it…the ones who are on the “left leaning side” of the spectrum; and Hollywood makes their profit anyway! Good business!

I guess I can watch all the Avatar I want; and cry my eyes out, but nothing is going to change any time soon, eh?


It is just plain stupid to propose solutions that we have no ability or capacity to accomplish.

The Super Wealthy Elites who rule over us control this system. Suggesting that we use the system THEY control to pass measures to defeat THEM is just plain dingbat stupid.

They control the system. Why does anyone think they would allow us to use it to defeat them?

The Elites own and control ALL our mass media. The means of communication are the means of power. It is precisely through their control of ALL mass media that they control the political system, and thus the nation.

Bring back the Fairness Doctrine?..LOL…Why would this perfectly intelligent person, Mr. Hatmann, think that it is even remotely possible that we could do that?

Why do smart people act so stupid?


Violence and threat of violence plays into the hands of those that want to limit our actions! The state has more firepower than we do so we have to be smarter, faster, more strategic!

Organize to get more social democrats elected! Work on their campaigns and get out the vote!


How many “black hawk down” type movies are released for every avatar? a hundred? more?
Aside form Avatar, how many movies can you recall in recent years that actually had an anti capitalist message?
Are they still being made? Sure. Just like every now and then FOX or MSNBC actually tells the truth about something. That does not magically make them any less of a propaganda apparatus.
Obviously not every single thing out of Hollywood is going to be blatant propaganda.
Most of it is actually just a few altered lines here and there to feed a false narrative. For example, like having two tv characters randomly discussing the execution of bin laden out of the blue and bringing up all the “accepted bullet points” as if there were established facts.
You many also have noticed an increase of “heroic” israeli secret operatives in recent years, that is not an accident.


Probably because the alternative would be to accept the fact that a revolution is the only option available, and that scares the hell out of any semi intelligent person.


The concerns are the same on the ‘other’ side…instead of calling the culprit the GOP or the Reps, and the good guys the Dems, how about us acknowledging that BOTH ‘sides’ are complicit, corrupt, (not all on either end) and the true ‘enemy’ is what some call the Deep State, or the MIC, or the entrenched establishment.
We ALL have so much more in common, want the same things, just differ in how to go about it at times, and ALL of us have allowed ourselves to get divided.
We have a common enemy, having given our own power to authorities, government, media, medicine, etc…
Stop the divide…we are all in this together.


Right…really none of it is an accident.


Then by all means, please enlighten me as to why the dod has an entire department dedicated to reviewing, editing and writing scripts?
Or why the CIA is pumping millions every year into film productions?


Am agreeing with you.


Well, well, the principles of the ‘Volkisher Beobachter’ are alive and well and thriving in the US. The trump thing must be laughing up its sleeve. Get your news online from other places around the world and get a perspective on the average joe in the street who can’t afford to get his or her message out for the shouting of the braying mob. We can win but not if we are divided. Freedom = I will NOT !


Let me suggest that those four reasons are the entrenched fallout, not the causes. From my perspective, there is only one cause: advertising, and the money involved. Back in the 1920s, President Coolidge famously claimed “The business of America is business”. These days, you could probably say the same for most countries.

Ever since the first newspaper in America was issued in 1690, all subsequent media has been using it for one reason: to promote business - if, for no other reason, to make a profit for the media outlet. This is common sense, however banal it may be. Entertainment is not broadcast on TV and wherever to entertain. It never has been and never will be. It’s out there to make a buck, or a few too many millions, with advertising.

The same is true in every country in which I’ve watched news, docos, pulp fiction, sport, whatever.

You want change? Turn off your CNN, Foxtel, ABC, CBS, BBC4, you name it, forever.


In the Viet Nam era people actually saw pictures of the horror. Unlike now when they see nothing but pro drug company and pro any company propaganda. The media to work has to be regulated, just like the banks and the energy companies. Unregulated capitalism is a recipe for chaos and disaster for society and unbelievable wealth for the few.


Years ago I interviewed a gentleman at the LA Times, in charge of its then Diversity Program, alluded to the LA Times change from being newspaper to a new entity that primarily serviced the “squeaky wheel” of readers instead of readers with real concerns about their community.
In my humble opinion, the hubris of many modern journalists, their proclivity for limousines and the spotlight of celebrity has also contributed to the rise of the prima dona journalist.
I find it taxing to have to search numerous international publications in my attempt to understand exactly what is occurring in these United States.