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4 Reasons Why Democrats Should Support Medicare for All

4 Reasons Why Democrats Should Support Medicare for All

Brad Bannon

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) call for Democrats to campaign on and fight for a national single-payer health insurance program is just the remedy the doctor ordered for her party.

Here are the four reasons for Democrats to push the envelope on health care reform.


What an awesome and well-said article. I couldn’t agree more. Just imagine if ALL Dems supported this. It’s not impossible, but it’s something to get going

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Yeah, “they” should - but will not.
The “Democrats” have several different agendas. The Sanders Wing supports single-payer - Medicare for all reform and the DINO establishment corporate-whore wing does not.
Examples of the latter group include Debbie W-S, Sean Maloney, Gillibrand, Schumer (gee, all from NY (except DWS) where the Clintons hold power).
I have called that wanker Maloney repeatedly but he is too dishonest, cowardly and corrupt to say why he will not support single-payer - neither will Gillibrand or Chuckie Schumer - obviously the answer is campaign-contribution bribes they, and the Clintons and the other Dem sellouts want - and that sellout group includes ex prez Obama who wrote for-profit greed - insurance parasites and Big pharma scum - into the “affordable” care act…gutless and corrupt!

With DINO Dems like those and many more to screw us and sell us to the corporate pigs, who needs thr R’Con swine?!

Bernie Sanders is trying to make his voice on this issue but the DINO wing is more than willing to “compromise” with R’Cons and “fix” Obamacare. Funny things words - compromise, capitulate, collude, all can and more often than not read SellOut when the Dem/DINO establishment “leadership” is talking! F 'em All!


“Trump won because he sounded and acted like a bull in a china shop which is what angry voters wanted.”

I would not follow what Trump did. As all aspiring dictators do he painted a very dark picture of the country which was all based on lies. America is not a country with a landscape littered with empty factories (yes are some empty factories), blacks all living in poverty in crime-infested neighborhoods, undocumented immigrants streaming across the border from Mexico and running around on wild sprees of murder and rape, Muslims all plotting terrorist attacks, factory jobs being lost like crazy because of the Chinese taking advantage of the US in trade deals and manipulating its currency, and large amounts of tax money going to a military that is pathetic. Trump’s America does not exist. It is simply a way to get votes by somebody falsely claiming that he can fix all these problems and we really don’t need Congress or the courts. Trump’s voters are really angry. Although they are not angry about the things in Trump’s America that don’t exist, what they are angry about is having to live 8 years with a black president who most believe was not a legit president because he wasn’t born in the US and they are angry because they think the government favors blacks and gives white nothing. Democrats cannot appeal to these very angry voters since Democrats support racial tolerance. Democrats do not blame racial and ethnic groups for the country’s problems but say everyone will benefit if we all work together for a better society. Democrats get most their votes from people living in metropolitan areas and for the most part these areas are doing well. These are basically some of the most prosperous areas in the world. There are plenty of jobs and interesting things to do. They look nothing like Trump’s America. This is part of the real America. Ir is the voting base for the Democratic Party. The main problem for the Democrats is to find a way to get more support outside of these areas, and it is not easy since it is outside of these areas where racism is much more of a factor.

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Despite my agreement with the author, ultimately this article makes me laugh.

The D-Party serves corporations. Corporations with deep pockets in sectors like Big Pharma and Health Insurance. The last thing the D-Party would do is antagonize their big donors. Thus, to provide strong arguments about why they should support Medicare-for-All is one thing, to believe it could happen is hilarious.

You want Medicare-for-All? Start by working to replace the bought-and-paid-for D-party.

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Even to an uninformed person of average intelligence should be able to figure out that health insurance is a scam. Maybe once it had some merit because people used to die faster. I don’t mean sooner but not play about the edges of death but face it straight on and croak. Now with modern medicine and therapies we hang about and live restricted lives for a decade or so visiting medical people for all sorts of reasons while the machinery breaks down. Insurance only works if the liability can be spread among a large number of people and most of them must not be those who need medical attention. The Baby Boomers are all over sixty. Insurance costs are going up as the demand for elderly care skyrockets. This trend will be with us for the next twenty or thirty years. The only sane way to deal with this is to socialize the insurance part of the equation. Not medical care that can stay a duel system like we already have but with better support from our government to pay the bills. The private sector is quite rightly concerned with profits and they just will not be there for the foreseeable future.
Now let us put income disparity into the mix and and the house of cards just collapses from the weight of the 1%

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Just curious, why did the Democrats include quality of care provisions in the ACA then? Why did they set up the CFPB too? Why did Obama expand waters of the US? Just curious.

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You cite legislation literally written by corporate lobbyists to:

Subsidize the health insurance industry (which was losing customers at the time the ACA passed)
Coddle big banks (who had just been bailed out, and who are now even too bigger to fail)
Distract from the fact that US oil production is at its highest rate since 1971 (not to mention fracking)

Yeah, I’m sure the corporations are crying over the profits and income inequality that skyrocketed under the Democrats. Frankly, I’m curious about why you’d mention these gifts to oligarchs, especially when even establishment Dems are ready to ‘fix’ ObamaRomneycare, the bankers own your government with a bail out waiting for them when their casino implodes, and oil is dirt cheap.

Because I think that’s just how the duopoly was supposed to arrange things. Don’t fall for their kabuki.

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“When (Pat Moynihan) first saw (Clinton’s healthcare) plan with more than 1000 pages, he (said) that he could reform the Health Care System simply by deleting 3 words : “65 and older”,from…Medicare.”

As with other examples of the great Senator Moynihan’s insight : Genius Simplifies.

The author writes that “any health reform fight will be long, tough and polarizing.” The fight will be polarizing only because a greedy minority that profits disproportionately from our privatized health insurance system will fight tooth and nail to preserve its prerogatives. For the many to triumph, this minority must be defeated. Remember: some minorities deserve to be hated.

Pretty good article.

What does it say, though, that the Democratic Party–as very distinctly opposed to its constituency, most independents, and even a fair percentage of Republicans–opposes single payer?

You mean there is more than 1 f*&^ing reason they need?

  1. It is a human right.